Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SIX month visit with the surgeon....

Went to my surgeon for the 6 month checkup today....

For the most part all my blood work looks great.

My A1C for the diabetes was down from 6.8 (from May) to 6.1. Below 6 is normal for non-diabetics.

My Iron, Vit. D and Calcium all perfect.

My cholesterol is normal 163. My LDL is a little low so going to pump up the exercise.

The only issues were with the B12 and Folate. The B12 was high and due to that the Folate was low. So now will take the B12 3 times a week and double up on the B complex every day.

Overall, the surgeon is very happy with my progress and 105 lbs gone FOREVER. 14 1/2 inches from my waist and 12 from my hips!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing my journey with me!!! It means a lot to have all the support.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hard to Believe...

it has been 6 months (Saturday) that I had the surgery that changed my life.

I cannot even express the happiness and change that my life has taken. I am so much more healthier then ever. I have a ton more energy. I walk, play tennis and I am so much more active.

It is not always easy. People think I took the easy way out....but I can assure you I did not. I still have to work my tool. I have to make sure I get my protein in, take my vitamins and drink my water. I watch my carbohydrates.

I love the new life I have...I would not change a thing.

I am happy.

I am healthy.

I am active.

I can do so much more.

I LOVE the new me.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What a rough afternoon and evening yesterday...

Had a great day today...got Aviva at school we came home. She relaxed and then did her homework. When she was finished she played with her toys and I called her into my room.

As she is coming to me she goes mommy I think something is leaking...I was like okay I will come check. Well, before I could step out of my room the water was at my bedroom door...

I stepped into more water in the dining room and living room. I was like OY VEY (well maybe not as nice). And the bathroom by Aviva's room was flooded and Aviva's room as well. I am thinking the toilet overflowed (has happened before). Well, I call Spider at work...I am like you need to come home now the house is flooded. He is like take towels and the extra blanket...at this point he is not getting it...there is so much water.

I hang up I am crying and cursing at this point. Called him back and told him I am getting a wet vac at Home Depot. Well, went into his office where the hot water heater is...and his office is flooded really bad...the hot water heater was the culprit. I called Spider again and told him it was worse and he told me to turn off the water valves and it stopped.

I go to Home Depot and they do not rent wet vacs...he calls a friend at our complex and I get one...in the meanwhile he called the Pres of our association and she gave him a number of a company that will come clean it up.

So they get here and start working, it was a lot of water. Spider finally gets home and realizes how bad it really was.

So now it is cleaned up and the fans are blowing...he is pissed because the floors he did are now buckling. And it was $500 for them to come and now we need a new water heater.

I had a miserable headache too!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

So what do you think....

will South Florida get hit by Hurricane Ike? That is now the million dollar question. One of the stations here (Channel 7 WSVN) feels the need to have 4 hour coverage on Sunday morning...I think that is what makes people crazy.

Aviva is hoping she can get some days off due the Hurricane...she does not realize what can happen...or maybe does not remember Hurricane Wilma very much!

So can we come stay with anyone just in case?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I DID IT...the 3 week stall....

has been BROKEN....

I am officially down 100.8 lbs and cannot BELIEVE it!!!

I was on a 3 week stall of being up and down the same few pounds. But I was not getting frustrated because I knew this would happen.

I am down almost 404 sticks of butter.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

I love my HUSBAND

He came home with roses for me...just because he loves me.
He is a great husband and a terrific father.
I love you Spider!
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


That is what I am doing now.

I dropped Aviva off at school yesterday morning and drove to the park. There is a nice lake with a walking trail around it.

So put on my music and off I went. I did 5 laps around and felt great. I was not sure how far that was.

Came home called the park and they told me 1/2 mile around.

WOW I did 2 1/2 miles and felt so good.

There was no school today....so I got up and left Spider and Aviva sleeping and off I went.

I did 2 miles today....felt pretty good. Came home and they were still sleeping.

But now I am sore and can definitely feel it so much more today.

But I will be back there tomorrow.