Wednesday, January 30, 2008

BACK from the Hematologist's office....

and gave a lot of blood. My primary care doctor wanted to take precaution because I consistently have an elevated White Blood Count so he wants to see what is going on.

I have given so much blood for tests in the past few weeks.

I know they are checking sed rate--that is for arthritis...not sure of the rest of the tests..cannot remember the names.

He wants me to see a it will be impossible to get an appointment before Feb. 13th(when I go back for the results). UGH!!

So please say a little prayer for me that it is nothing serious.

PS...went to the cardiologist yesterday and he dictated the letter and put it in as stat. So hoping they have it by Friday. Will call the surgeon's office then.

Monday, January 28, 2008

FRUSTRATION sets in....

ugh....OK...I finished all my tests, class and session with the psychologist. So called the surgeon's office this morning and left a message for the nurse. She calls me back when I am in with my doc. So call her back when I get home.

She checked my chart and said she has everything (I breath a sigh of relief) till I hear BUT. The letter from the cardiologist is not acceptable. It just says he clears me for surgery. NOPE not what they wanted. They want a cardiology consultation clue what it is (anyone know) but she said he would know. I believe letter about my history and stuff.

So made an appointment for tomorrow at 2:45 pm (now have to take Aviva) but want that letter and want it done right. Hoping they can type it fast and fax it to the surgeon's office by Wednesday morning.

I just hope it all goes smoothly.

Friday, January 25, 2008

ALL appointments are now done...

Well...yesterday went very smoothly...the chest x-ray and U/S of the stomach were very easy...finished those pretty fast.

Then came the Upper GI...had a really nice tech work with me...first think I had to do was drink this crystal stuff she mixed with water (I said like a popper----tequila mixed with 7up in a shot glass and slammed and then you drink it)...or think alka seltzer...and what ever you do, no was a bit tough but got through and was able to watch the screen and follow the liquid.

During this time you are standing against the table and the table moves and shakes a bit. Then they make you drink this white stuff not much taste just chalky....not bad like I thought it would be. As you are drinking this you are standing and they are taking more film and pictures.

Here comes the tough you are standing they lower the table to where you are laying flat on your back. She goes now role 3 mix up the stuff.

Then you are laying on your back and she gets shots and in other positions. Then have to drink something else with a hint of a strawberry taste but still chalky for more pics...and finally done.

The rest of the day could not eat much...but drank plenty of water. Glad that was over.

Today went to the Psychologist...had to fill in a bunch of tests before you got there and then one more there. She asked lots of questions and it got a bit emotional..but made it through and she gave me clearance for the surgery...YIPPEE.......

Now on Monday I will call the nurse Karen to tell her all tests and paperwork was submitted to the office and can be submitted to the doctor and insurance. It went pretty fast so hoping the rest goes fast as well...I know people who it has taken a few days to 3 weeks to hear from their insurance. After the approval you get a surgical date!!

I am so looking forward to starting a whole new will be hard work but it is so worth it in my eyes.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

AN UPDATE...feel like I have been missing...

WELL...we made it back in one piece yesterday evening...I think we thawed out from the COLD when we walked outside to the warm Florida evening.

BOY was it COLD...way to cold for my taste....I do not think it bothered Aviva much...but my old body did not like it at all. Poor Aviva never did got to see snow..until we were sitting in our seats on the plane and guess what...the flurries started. At least she got to see them.

It was great seeing my dad....and got to see my step sister Monday and she gave Aviva 2 Webkinz...a lion she named King and a frog she named Froggy. She loved going on the website.

It is good to be home and Spider really missed us...he cleaned the house and even better I got into the car and ROSES were waiting for to love him. was the first of three appointments before everything is submitted to the doctor and insurance. The class was very educational today....but first lost 2 lbs (they weighed us first)...I was very happy since flying you retain water.

Then the nutritionist held the was small so made it even better and we asked lots of questions. Learned a lot and knew a lot. I think it will help get me prepared for after the surgery. Two weeks before surgery you are on a strict protein shake diet...3 shakes for a day and only liquids no solid food like....crystal light, sf ff popsicles, broth, sf jell-o gelatin and water.

Tomorrow is the x-ray, ultra-sound of the stomach and the always lovely upper GI (have to drink that horrible stuff). But all worth it.

After Friday's appointment I can get in touch with the nurse and tell her everything is completed and can be submitted...then it is a waiting game for insurance and a surgical date..KEEP your FINGERS crossed it all goes well.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

WE are in NEW YORK...

YUP we made it safe and is a bit cold today but nothing like it is going to be on Sunday...

The flight was just a bit bumpy but Aviva was happy...she had her DVD player and watched Tom and Jerry....and I slept.

Grandpa was waiting for us when we arrived and we made back to his house just we are just having a lazy cold for my blood..and only going to get colder.

We are going to my best friend's house today till Monday then back to grandpa's and home Tuesday.

Aviva is still hoping for snow...keep your FINGERS CROSSED.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Welcome to 2008 and I know this is going to my year for NEW ME.................

*This week had its ups and downs to say the least but the best part about it was I got to meet with a surgeon about the RNY surgery and finally have the ball rolling. I loved everyone at Cleveland Clinic...made me feel good and like a person not a number.

*I am happy to have all the testing scheduleded with in the next weeks...makes if feel more real now then ever. I want this so bad..have been doing my research and joined a message board with the most supportive people.

*The three of us went to Outback last night for dinner...we had to wait but it was nice just the 3 of us. It was nice to be able talk...Spider always asked a lot of questions and had a lot of concerns about the surgery. Makes me love him even more...also said he would attend the family support group meetings they have for spouses and family members.

*This week was able to get some great buys for our trip to to love getting rain or snow boots at Target for $3. A really nice warm jacket from Old Navy for Aviva...and even some surprises. Got great deals on shirts for Aviva and to love the bargains.

*I started my class this week assessment and evaluation..I have had this professor before and really like her. And looking to learn more with her.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

YESTERDAY was the day......

I picked up Aviva at school and told her mommy is going to the doctor and she goes is he going to make your back better so you do not complain of pain, you can bend and we can play. I said I hope so. So dropped her off with Spider and off I went.

I got to the Cleveland Clinic....used the valet parking...and off I went. I got myself checked in and waited. I met a really nice woman who had the gastric sleeve surgery by another doctor and some issues and Dr. Rosenthal saved her life...always good to hear wonderful things about the doctor you are going to see.

Finally, Karen his nurse called me we went to the dreaded scale...but it was 4 lbs less then my felt a TINY bit better. And then off to the room...and she asked lots of questions. They give you a packet of paper to fill out before you come in, so we went over that. She was very nice and answered many of my questions.

Then the associate of Dr. Rosenthal came asked some more questions. Answered those and thensome. Then in came Dr. Rosenthal came and we discussed which surgery I would be interested in and told him the Roux En Y. And he said with everything I would be a perfect candidate for it. He answered all my questions and said could take up to 3 months before surgery. KEEP FINGERS is sooner.

Then his associate came back in and examined me....he said I believe you have an umbilical hernia. I asked how accurate are you, he said 80% he is right. If there is one they will fix it.

Next came in the insurance person. I told her all the insurance wants was a letter of medical necessity..that was easy.

Finally, Karen the nurse came back in to discuss all the tests and everything else that is needed. She really was very nice. So off to check-out.

At check-out scheduled everything. So here it goes:

Monday Jan 14th--Labcorp--bloodwork
Tuesday Jan 15th--Primary doc---EKG
Wednesday Jan 23rd--4 hour nutrition class
Thursday Jan 24th--Chest xray, U/S of stomach and the Upper GI
Friday Jan 25th Meeting with Psychology

Also, have to talk to cardiologist, so he can give me clearance.

After everything is submitted, reviewed and approved by insurance I get a surgery date. I am hoping it will take less then 3 months.

Thank you for all the support.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I am just curious....for those that read blogs and write blogs...why would someone read a blog and then go discuss it with someone else (not the original author, like me) and ask if the person is truthful. Why not just email the writer----me.

I think if someone is writing what is going on in their life and putting it out there instead of going to someone else...leave a comment or email them and talk to them. Obviously if it is written they have no problem discussing it, at least I do not.

So if anyone has any questions about anything I write PLEASE email me or post a comment. I have nothing to hide.

PLEASE I have been open and honest...and will not take offense to any questions you have or want to ask.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

GOOD news for the New Year.....

I thought was going to go with one surgeon but after problems yesterday with them and how they checked the insurance and not understanding going with a different one.

I went to a 3 hour seminar on weight loss surgery at the Cleveland Clinic here in South Florida...the director of bariatrics spoke, the insurance person and nutritionist. And then we had a mandatory hour talk with the psychologist. It is mandatory before you talk with her. She gives you a ton of papers to fill out and then meets with you for 1 1/2 hours.

So after I left I was able to call and schedule an appointment....I was hoping to get in before we go to NY next week.....and I did.....I am so excited. I will see Dr. Rosenthal on Friday at 2 pm. I finally have the ball rolling.

I have the Cardiologist Thursday and the Gynecologist on Wednesday (1/16).....I finally get the one I really like since we have new insurance.

I am starting to see a light in the tunnel.

Monday, January 07, 2008

WE are back from DISNEY....

it was so so cold..we froze our tushies off on Wed and Thursday..yesterday and today much better. They even had snow flurries on the got down to 28. Magic Kingdom was so cold Thursday but made it through and had some special things happen throughout the 4 days we were there..have to upload a ton of photos then will write a trip report. But must say Aviva loved the Bibbiti Bobboti Boutique...they do a great job and got some amazing pics of Aviva's makeover into a pop princess.

Thanks for the birthday Wishes.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy Birthday AVIVA...

It is hard to believe that I have a 7 year was 7 years ago Aviva came into this world.....almost 2 1/2 months early. I was scared and worried how would she do. But look at her now. She is a healthy, happy, social, compassionate and understanding young lady.

She started off so small, with many issues and now she is doing amazingly well...better then I could have asked for.

Aviva is in first grade...she loves school. She loves to read chapter books and take her accelerated reader tests.

She enjoys going to science and learning about what is around her...she loves to practice Spanish she learns at school. Her handwriting is improving and she is a terrific speller.

It is hard to believe this is the same child who till the age of 6 months to 3 1/2 was receiving therapy. She has come a long way.

Aviva now plays soccer and is improving with each game. She is understanding her position as each game goes on and only gets better. She loves to bike ride with daddy and just have a good time.

She is definitely making us very proud parents...she is caring and understanding of others...she shows compassion to those that need it.

I am looking forward to all the new things this new year will hold for Aviva.

And of course where are we going for her birthday...but to DISNEY WORLD..

Happy Birthday My Sweet Aviva!