Monday, January 28, 2008

FRUSTRATION sets in....

ugh....OK...I finished all my tests, class and session with the psychologist. So called the surgeon's office this morning and left a message for the nurse. She calls me back when I am in with my doc. So call her back when I get home.

She checked my chart and said she has everything (I breath a sigh of relief) till I hear BUT. The letter from the cardiologist is not acceptable. It just says he clears me for surgery. NOPE not what they wanted. They want a cardiology consultation clue what it is (anyone know) but she said he would know. I believe letter about my history and stuff.

So made an appointment for tomorrow at 2:45 pm (now have to take Aviva) but want that letter and want it done right. Hoping they can type it fast and fax it to the surgeon's office by Wednesday morning.

I just hope it all goes smoothly.


Christina said...

Oh how terribly frustrating!!!! I hope they can do it quickly and get it in ASAP for you!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

A consult letter includes, the history, assessment, diagnosis, and recommendations. Your cardiologist knows exactly what it is. I would just call his office and ask him to send one if you've already been there. You don't need another appointment for this.