Wednesday, January 23, 2008

AN UPDATE...feel like I have been missing...

WELL...we made it back in one piece yesterday evening...I think we thawed out from the COLD when we walked outside to the warm Florida evening.

BOY was it COLD...way to cold for my taste....I do not think it bothered Aviva much...but my old body did not like it at all. Poor Aviva never did got to see snow..until we were sitting in our seats on the plane and guess what...the flurries started. At least she got to see them.

It was great seeing my dad....and got to see my step sister Monday and she gave Aviva 2 Webkinz...a lion she named King and a frog she named Froggy. She loved going on the website.

It is good to be home and Spider really missed us...he cleaned the house and even better I got into the car and ROSES were waiting for to love him. was the first of three appointments before everything is submitted to the doctor and insurance. The class was very educational today....but first lost 2 lbs (they weighed us first)...I was very happy since flying you retain water.

Then the nutritionist held the was small so made it even better and we asked lots of questions. Learned a lot and knew a lot. I think it will help get me prepared for after the surgery. Two weeks before surgery you are on a strict protein shake diet...3 shakes for a day and only liquids no solid food like....crystal light, sf ff popsicles, broth, sf jell-o gelatin and water.

Tomorrow is the x-ray, ultra-sound of the stomach and the always lovely upper GI (have to drink that horrible stuff). But all worth it.

After Friday's appointment I can get in touch with the nurse and tell her everything is completed and can be submitted...then it is a waiting game for insurance and a surgical date..KEEP your FINGERS crossed it all goes well.


Christina said...

Glad you made it back safe and praying everything goes smoothly for your procedure!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Ughh! All that time and she didn't get to see snow!! It snowed 3 times here while you all were gone. See! Just goes to prove you should've come here! We even had a snow day on Tuesday. But in all honesty, you have a better chance of seeing snow in New York than here. Yay for the 2 pounds! I hope everything goes weel on all the tests and prep and scheduling and insurance stuff!

Anna1916 said...

Glad you had a nice visit - sorry about the cold ;-) And how nice your stepsister gave Aviva the Webkinz!! Eilis loved her's - until the dog ate them!

Michelle said...

You have been missing for awhile! :) Glad you're back safely and had a nice visit! How nice of Spider to have roses for you!