Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ugh POOR Spider...

Spider has his own security company and he does security at our complex. We occasionally have trouble with some kids here and Spider deals with them and they do not like it...he caught two kids jumping off the clubhouse into the pool and they were charged with trespassing.

So this evening he was writing up his report in front of where we live....and out of no where someone (probably these boys that like to give trouble who do not live here) threw 2 stink eggs at his car. Well, let me tell you he was pissed to hell and back.

So he comes up to our place and tells me what happens and to get somethings to clean the car.

So he goes behind the building in the dark to get the water and heard some noises. When he went to get the water he said do not mess with me I have a gun and if I feel threatened I will use it. He is licensed with a g license (gun permit for security) and a concealed weapon permit.

So he is cleaning his now stinky car...and all of a sudden (I was talking to him) 2 police cars pull up and say somebody called and said he brandished a firearm and was waving it around...which was totally not true...never took it out.

He explained to the police that no that is not true. He does security here and was finishing his report when he felt threatened by the egg throwing incident. He explained what he did and he never took out his gun. He was on his way to his next job and he wears a gun for it.

The police never asked for idea and said if any other problems to call them...they did use their search lights to look in the bushes but to late now.

Spider was just pissed because some one called the police on him. I said do not let it bother you...who knows why they did it, maybe they do not like you. I did tell him to add to his report and give it in tomorrow to explain what happened. Better to cover your tush then not have it written.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I want to win a DYSON in honor of Breast Cancer...

Do you have a Dyson well I always wanted one but just to expensive...but The Domestic Diva is giving one away...and I would love to win one. My good friend is survivor and this would be in her honor. She is an amazing woman, mother and wife.

Not FEELING so well...

I have not been sleeping well for the past few weeks and last night was the worst...I think I had maybe 2 hours of sleep.

I am not sure why. I was not tired...I felt wide awake at 3 am. I tried to sleep but it was not happening. But the worst part of all this not sleeping I fall asleep in the mornings doing my school work at the computer UGH!

On top of that my stomach has been miserable since about 2 am last night.

But I am going to brag on Aviva again....we were reading again last night and I am just so proud of her fluency. She read without hesitation...even changed her tone when reading quotes. It was a joy to listen too.

We just finished her Math Superstars sheet and she did really well figuring out the problems...she really needed to think and she did it with out any help.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Hard to believe November starts on Thursday..that means in 29 days we will be on our way to Disney......

*An Aviva brag...she is doing amazingly well on accelerated reader at school....she is reading books on the second and third grade level in first grade...she has already earned almost 7 points...figure .5 points a book and some tests she got 1 wrong. I am so PROUD of her.

*Now a brag about Spider...he was named one of the top 5 employees in his company in South Florida...he is suppose to be getting a new post and it will include benefits, just about the same as federal employees...we are hoping this is true because it woule be so much BETTER then what we have now.

*I read these good books by Karen Kingsbury and even better I was able to share them with a good friend in another state....I love to read and even better love to share good books.

*I had a falling out with a friend and she came and apologized on Friday. I am not sure if I should believe it to be a true apology. Friendship is a two way street not a one way street. I will give it a chance to see if it is real or not.

*Aviva was so happy to give me alone time yesterday because that meant she got to go swimming with daddy...she loves his undivided attention.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Picture day...

well, Aviva's picture came back and I cannot believe how my little preemie looks now... like a full fledged first grader. What do you think?

Here is her Kindergarten picture..

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What a MORNING....

Well it actually began last night. I was thinking of all the walking I was going to do today and wondering how I was going to do it with out tears. So, it made it more difficult to fall asleep...finally did and that damn alarm went off...way to soon (good thing no school Friday we can sleep in).

Aviva and I both got up and we got to school early. See one of the great jobs I get to do as a room mom is lice check...oh yippee. So I was hoping for one of the spots closest to the office. Well, we were early and who would dare take my spot. Guess what? Someone did, so we had to go back through car loop and go to the other parking area where there are handicapped spots. Finally got one and then I releazed it is a much longer walk.

We get to the office to sign in, and the line was out the door. There was no way I could stand that long...I was already in agony. So I explained to the woman behind me and she understood. So I went to sit in the office till she came in and then I got back in line to sign in.

Finally, got to Aviva's class and the students were sitting so nicely and doing their DLP (Daily Language Practice). So time for lice check, thankfully that went smoothly. The kids were great.

I sat after it was done for a minute to watch how Mrs. G teaches math. I really liked how she taught subtraction using tables. It was very interesting...going to have to use it when I start teaching.

Then the walk back to my car...OY VEY is all I can say. It was miserable. I never was so happy to see my Jeep. Then had to go o CVS, walking throough there was not fun believe me, and then I got gas. Boy do I miss full the time I came home I wanted to shoot myself...the pain was terrible. I was so happy to sit and not have to go anywhere till I have to pick up Aviva.

Have to show off my angel in class:

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Another week gone by..hard to believe it is still so warm and humid here...wish it would cool off a bit where we can open the windows...hoping soon.

*Aviva was such a big help yesterday...I have been Spider grocery shopping but even with a list he still buys a lot more. So Aviva and I decided to go yesterday. I used the scooter and she was my helper...she held the list and directed was very cute. She was such a big help, got things I could not and walked and did not complain at all. I was a proud mommy yesterday.

*My dad sent me 3 huge boxes of my things that have been sitting in his attic for years...and I mean least 14 years. They came yesterday....Aviva and I went through 2 of them so far...I so appreciate my dad sending my was not cheap. I found notes from a conference I went to on Autism in March of 1993. I had notes from the 2 speakers...Dr Barry Prizant and Dr Gary Mesibov...who were very well known in the field of autism...I was so happy. And found some other things and Aviva took one and will not give it is a music box. She loves it.

*I started my new course on Autism. It is Interventions for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders...I am looking forward to it...we have some interesting assignments but will help me when I start to teach.

*WE DID IT...we are going to NY...I booked tickets for Aviva and I this week and she is ready to go now. She hopes we get lots of snow so she can play in it and make snow angels. And maybe even have snowball fights. And I hope for no snow and not to cold...we do not own a winter wardrobe. I guess I will be shopping.

*And I am so thankful to Spider who is working so hard and doing a lot of he can support his family and I am here for Aviva. He should be happy today, he will be able to watch his Cowboys play today since they are the late football game for us.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

DID you know or maybe you did not....

that yellow plus black equals brown. Aviva told me that tonight..meaning daddy plus mommy equals Aviva.

I said you are a right Aviva...good thinking.

Simple and to the point.

Thank you to SHANNON....

She awarded me this award:
Shannon is an amazingly strong person. She is a friend, mother, step-mother and wife and raising a child who is extra special..(and adorable too) and works too.

Thank you Shannon, you have me in tears...I agree one day we will get to meet and the girls will play and it will feel like old friends.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

GUESS where AVIVA and I are going....

I am a great deal on tickets...we are going to NY..I had my voucher from my cancelled trip for $203 and the total for both of us to fly now is $253 ($53 each way before tax). So cost us a total of $119.80 for us to go to NY. We are leaving Wed.January 16th (she will miss class Thursday but early release, and no school from Fri to Tuesday they go back Wed)and come home Tuesday the 22nd.

Will stay with my dad for part of it and the weekend with my best friend who is already starting to plan for us.

Maybe Aviva will even get to see snow...

Look at this great print Aviva got in the mail yesterday....

Grandpa sent it to is from Aladdin. So now it is my duty to go get it framed...thanks Dad!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Contest time...

check out Prince Vince...they are giving away a book with some amazing pictures of have to go look and sign up to win.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The good the bad and the ugly today....

I am trying very hard to be positive here but not working......I feel like crap add that to my bad back and the muscle pull in my side and I am not well. I have the chills, this same cough and just feel achy. And coughing is killing me...Darvocet helps but home alone with Aviva and do not want to be out of it.

Aviva now is being terrific...she wrote a Halloween story...about candy and brushing teeth and drew an illustration to go with it. I just feel bad cannot do much today.

This week she read to accelerated reader books and passed both of the books was a third grade level and she read it with ease. I am very proud of her.

I went to my friend's baby shower was very nice to have the day alone...Aviva went to my friend's house from 9:15 am and Spider picked her up. I had the morning to relax and get ready...doing it alone makes a world of difference. I went to the shower and had fun and took lots of great pics that will make into a montage for Jen. And when I got home was greeted at the door with hugs and to love that.

Back to bed for me....I am cold and tired.

Friday, October 12, 2007

You will not believe this now.......

so I am still in miserable pain with my back and the walking is worse. I hate going anywhere.

Well, something happened between Wednesday night and this morning...Start with Wednesday night..I woke at 3:30 am and could not feel my right foot it was asleep (pins and needles) so get up slowly on my left foot and put my right foot down and fell right on my tush...yup when I put my foot down could not feel anything. Banged my back against the bed and my arm on the dresser so I have some nice bruises...

Last night had a coughing fit, I have had this cough for like 6 weeks or so it is dry one (non-productive one) not sure white blood count was high was put on cipro for that and doubled the Nexium but still the same. Well, this morning started to cough and must have pulled a muscle or something on my right side because it hurts really bad when I cough...trying not to but not to successful. I am in pain. Does it ever end?

The back is going on since February and now this. Oy vey!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


is celebrating his 97th birthday today...Mazel Tov as we say in Hebrew....he is an amazing man...I just wish we were closer to him...would love to be able to spend time with him and have Aviva spend time with him...the picture is two years old but he still looks the same.

And Happy Birthday to my dad's wife Marilyn who too celebrates her birthday today.

Monday, October 08, 2007

LURKERS come out come out...and leave a message...

let me know you are I can come visit you...I learned from is de-lurker day. Would love to know you are visiting. Take your time and leave a comment

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Hard to believe it is October already....this year is almost over...where has the time gone.

*Aviva has been really funny this week and I totally enjoy the things she is doing and saying. She loves to watch the Cosby Show and Fresh Prince of Bel Air...and the best part is listening to her laugh. It is so loud and funny...was listening to her yesterday while she was watching...just to cute!

*Spider worked most of the day Aviva and I did the grocery shopping ...which is rough on my back but I go in the scooter and we do it that way.....Aviva is such a big help she gets things I can not and she helps unload and carry into the house. She really is such a big girl.

*Spider and Aviva gave me some alone time yesterday...they went swimming and had a blast. I was able to finish up my project and answer some email...always nice to do it when it is quiet.

*I started my Hanukah shopping to love almost half way done for Aviva. I like to get done early and not be running around the last minute looking for things.

*ONLY 7 more weeks till we are off to our anniversary trip to Disney...but who is counting...Aviva asks almost everyday how long, how many more days, can we go on this ride? She is very excited!

Friday, October 05, 2007

YOU know what is FUNNY.....

Aviva loves to watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air and knows all the words to the opening song. She thought the show was new..I had to burst her bubble and tell her I use to watch it.

But it is so cute to listen to her sing the song.

And even worse she knows how to use the DVR and now records her smart kid.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

If you like contests...

check out this blog...she is giving away the cutest boots for boys or girls..check it out at Prince Vince Meets the World..and what a cutie he is too.

I am NOT sure if I should be worried or not...

with Aviva or not..well nothing to serious.

Let's see, we were driving home from school today and she asked me after elementary school where will she go...and I told her middle school, high school, college and maybe grad school. medical or law school if she wants.

Ok she said. She goes can I get married after college...I said yes if you meet the right person. She goes I am marrying Jesse..ok I said.

So after thinking a bit she said when we are married I will have children with Jesse..good thing I was at a red light because had to pick my chin up from the ground. She then said that if we have a girl her name will be Casey and if it is a boy his name will be Drake. OY VEY~~ She is going to cause her mother an early death.

But good thing I changed the topic very discussing her homework.

What am I going to do when she is 15...keep her locked up in the attic?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Thought this was a good thing to share...for those

that like to do arts and crafts with the kids or whomever. A friend of mine posted this link to this great craft activity. Looks like it can be lots of fun. And not to messy...which can be a plus.

And I think I will be getting it for one of Aviva's Hanukah presents..I already started shopping and about half way some things already...they came today and Spider did not put the box away so Aviva kept asking to open the box and I lied and said it was for a friend :)! Lying is good at certain times and this was one of those times!!

Monday, October 01, 2007


is EPCOT's 25th Birthday...I told Aviva first she says Mommy it is not so old...good Aviva 25 is still young. And of course how many more days till we go again? Aviva we go back in 56 days which is 8 weeks from today, She was excited.