Sunday, October 21, 2007


Another week gone by..hard to believe it is still so warm and humid here...wish it would cool off a bit where we can open the windows...hoping soon.

*Aviva was such a big help yesterday...I have been Spider grocery shopping but even with a list he still buys a lot more. So Aviva and I decided to go yesterday. I used the scooter and she was my helper...she held the list and directed was very cute. She was such a big help, got things I could not and walked and did not complain at all. I was a proud mommy yesterday.

*My dad sent me 3 huge boxes of my things that have been sitting in his attic for years...and I mean least 14 years. They came yesterday....Aviva and I went through 2 of them so far...I so appreciate my dad sending my was not cheap. I found notes from a conference I went to on Autism in March of 1993. I had notes from the 2 speakers...Dr Barry Prizant and Dr Gary Mesibov...who were very well known in the field of autism...I was so happy. And found some other things and Aviva took one and will not give it is a music box. She loves it.

*I started my new course on Autism. It is Interventions for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders...I am looking forward to it...we have some interesting assignments but will help me when I start to teach.

*WE DID IT...we are going to NY...I booked tickets for Aviva and I this week and she is ready to go now. She hopes we get lots of snow so she can play in it and make snow angels. And maybe even have snowball fights. And I hope for no snow and not to cold...we do not own a winter wardrobe. I guess I will be shopping.

*And I am so thankful to Spider who is working so hard and doing a lot of he can support his family and I am here for Aviva. He should be happy today, he will be able to watch his Cowboys play today since they are the late football game for us.


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Those are some great things to feel blessed about. Hope it cools off for you soon. I remember the many years that I lived in FL that I wore shorts on Christmas. Today, it was 47 degrees while I drove home from work. I guess I have grown accustomed to the differences, because 47 felt great to me. My Florida years, I would've worn a winter coat for that temperature.

Anonymous said...

im glad you had a good week.

Michelle said...

It's so great that you have a wonderful helper in Aviva!