Thursday, October 04, 2007

I am NOT sure if I should be worried or not...

with Aviva or not..well nothing to serious.

Let's see, we were driving home from school today and she asked me after elementary school where will she go...and I told her middle school, high school, college and maybe grad school. medical or law school if she wants.

Ok she said. She goes can I get married after college...I said yes if you meet the right person. She goes I am marrying Jesse..ok I said.

So after thinking a bit she said when we are married I will have children with Jesse..good thing I was at a red light because had to pick my chin up from the ground. She then said that if we have a girl her name will be Casey and if it is a boy his name will be Drake. OY VEY~~ She is going to cause her mother an early death.

But good thing I changed the topic very discussing her homework.

What am I going to do when she is 15...keep her locked up in the attic?

1 comment:

Michelle said...

oh boy! you sure are in trouble :)