Monday, October 08, 2007

LURKERS come out come out...and leave a message...

let me know you are I can come visit you...I learned from is de-lurker day. Would love to know you are visiting. Take your time and leave a comment


Aviva said...

Well here I am de-lurking. My name is Aviva Hilburg. Which is how I found your blog. Pretty cool huh? My friends call me Viv. I was doing a search for my own blog to see what would come up and there was Little Aviva staring at me from my monitor.

I am a SAHM Mommy to Joey(4-1/2) and Livy(3 in Nov.)and knit and crochet in my spare time. Which is what my blog is about. Knitting and Crochet. I really love it!

I also work my own Mary Kay business part time.

I really enjoy reading about Aviva's day to day life. Reminds me alot of my childhood. Thank you for sharing your family with me.


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

How cool that you had someone de-lurk. No success on mine although I can tell where people come from that visit ans some are definately lurking. Someone in my city lurks almost daily. Oh well!

mum2brady said...

You know who I am :) I haven't much time to lurk lately though - keeping you in my prayers, I'm so sorry your back isn't doing better. Hugs!