Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Not FEELING so well...

I have not been sleeping well for the past few weeks and last night was the worst...I think I had maybe 2 hours of sleep.

I am not sure why. I was not tired...I felt wide awake at 3 am. I tried to sleep but it was not happening. But the worst part of all this not sleeping I fall asleep in the mornings doing my school work at the computer UGH!

On top of that my stomach has been miserable since about 2 am last night.

But I am going to brag on Aviva again....we were reading again last night and I am just so proud of her fluency. She read without hesitation...even changed her tone when reading quotes. It was a joy to listen too.

We just finished her Math Superstars sheet and she did really well figuring out the problems...she really needed to think and she did it with out any help.

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Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Awesome job, Aviva!

And I have been having trouble sleeping too. First, it's because Preston wakens me because he's lost his pacifier or wants a bottle, but then I can't go back to sleep. It really takes me 1 or 2 hours to go back to sleep. I hope we both get a better night's sleep tonight.