Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What a MORNING....

Well it actually began last night. I was thinking of all the walking I was going to do today and wondering how I was going to do it with out tears. So, it made it more difficult to fall asleep...finally did and that damn alarm went off...way to soon (good thing no school Friday we can sleep in).

Aviva and I both got up and we got to school early. See one of the great jobs I get to do as a room mom is lice check...oh yippee. So I was hoping for one of the spots closest to the office. Well, we were early and who would dare take my spot. Guess what? Someone did, so we had to go back through car loop and go to the other parking area where there are handicapped spots. Finally got one and then I releazed it is a much longer walk.

We get to the office to sign in, and the line was out the door. There was no way I could stand that long...I was already in agony. So I explained to the woman behind me and she understood. So I went to sit in the office till she came in and then I got back in line to sign in.

Finally, got to Aviva's class and the students were sitting so nicely and doing their DLP (Daily Language Practice). So time for lice check, thankfully that went smoothly. The kids were great.

I sat after it was done for a minute to watch how Mrs. G teaches math. I really liked how she taught subtraction using tables. It was very interesting...going to have to use it when I start teaching.

Then the walk back to my car...OY VEY is all I can say. It was miserable. I never was so happy to see my Jeep. Then had to go o CVS, walking throough there was not fun believe me, and then I got gas. Boy do I miss full the time I came home I wanted to shoot myself...the pain was terrible. I was so happy to sit and not have to go anywhere till I have to pick up Aviva.

Have to show off my angel in class:


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

SO sorry your back is acting up! Aviva looks cute and Happy sitting at her desk.

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry you had such a rough day! I hope you were able to get some rest though!

Anonymous said...

shes so pretty!
im sorry you had a rough day!