Friday, August 31, 2007

US OPEN Tennis and the World Championship in Track and Field...

lots of good sports to watch this week.

What a match last night with James Blake...a 5 setter..his first ever win in 5 sets. It was some match with some great volleys.

I love to watch tennis. When I lived in NY I went to the US Open...would get a day ticket and go myself and wonder around all the some great pictures. It was much cheaper back then for tickets and the new stadium was not built yet.

I saw some great matches with Jimmy Connors and even doubles with John McEnroe.

Also, watched some track and field last night, boy that Tyson Gay is fast...he won gold in the 100 and 200 meters. He is exciting to watch.

We will be watching Tennis and Track and Field again the US Open now just finished an amazing 5 set match with the #3 seed winning in a tie break in the 5th.

GOOD News...

about my eyes....

Went to the Retina Specialist this morning for a follow-up.

And I must say he was very happy with everything. Pressure in eyes are was a little high last week. The blood vessesls in my eyes are not as swollen and the white spots seem to have faded.

He believes because my blood sugars are much better...this morning woke up and it was 92!

Will go back to see him in 2 months!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

DANCING with the STARS.....

SO do you watch it? We do in our house...Aviva likes the outfits!!

Check out the new cast.


I have now been in been since February and I do not see an end in sight.

I have had injections, steroid injections and pain pills and nothing has worked.

The neurosurgeon said he does not believe surgery will help....he believes that it will take six months to a year for the pain to go away. But now it has been over 6 months and NO relief.

The pain seems worse the past few days and I feel miserable. I can barely walk with out pain. It just seems so unfair to have to be suffering so long. It affects everything in my life.

You never realize how pain can impact your life until you experience all the time.

I am just sad lately and I want to feel better. Is that to much to ask?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

America's Next Top Model....

Yes my child thinks she should be on that show...any picture I take lately she has to pose for. So this is one we took the other day to show how hair looks when not up. And check out her hands.

I hope Aviva is blessed with height because I was not.

She is something just have to love her.

Monday, August 27, 2007

LOOK what I won...........

Look I finally am a cool friend Bec over at Mainely Musings...gave me this award. I agree Bec...hope Aviva thinks I am at least kind of cool!!!

Thanks again!

Wait it gets even you ask....

Well Shannon over at Gabi's World nominated me for the Nice Matters Award. Thank you Shannon..she is an amazing mom and went through a lot with Gabi when she was young. But Gabi is a thriving student in 2nd grade now.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Grains of Gratitude...

It has been a crazy few weeks and missed doing them so here they are....thanks Christine at Brady's Bunch.

I am so thankful that Spider's family survived Hurricane Dean with some damage and got their power and water back. Marie left her late Thursday night and had a good visit with everyone. But went home to no power or water...but came on late Friday night. You do not hear about Jamaica on the news now but lots of damage happened and many people lost their roofs and trees.

I am so happy Aviva started first grade and she seems so happy. Her class now has a total of 15 students...I sure hope it stays that way. Looks like I am going to be room mom again..which I enjoyed last year too.

Spider helped me grocery shop nice to get the help but then we always spend more. We are starting the South Beach Diet tomorrow--so bought lots of fresh veggies...looking forward to the eggplant pizza (slice the eggplant, drizzle some olive oil and seasons..bake for 6 to 8 minutes then add sauce and low fat mozzarella cheese and bake till melted). Got some yummy recipes and lots of salads.

I started class this week today and looks like I am the only one in my online thing I have to do is review a book and do a power point. So I decided to read a book on autism from a father's perspective--so far it is very good.

And best of all Aviva is thrilled to be registered for soccer. We got her a pink ball, grey and pink shin guards and black and pink cleats. We still have over 3 months but never to early to be prepared.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

It is OFFICIAL....

I registered Aviva for Soccer this morning...she is so excited. But unfortunately she has to wait till December 1st for it to start. They need to wait till it cools off...still so hot and humid here.

So after we registered we got the package of soccer cleats, shin guards and a pink soccer ball. The cleats are black with some pink on it....according to Aviva very cool looking.

We go Saturday, September 8th for a skills test or rating...they want to mix up the teams so not one team has all the best players.

So it looks like Spider and Aviva will need to do some practicing.

Friday, August 24, 2007

If you are a reader like me...

you probably have read The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards...if not I highly recommend it.

But it looks like the TV station Lifetime is going to make it into a movie. I think it is great idea that they are doing that.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Aviva's walk down memory lane--GOING TO SCHOOL

2003-Early Intervention

2004-Place Program



2007 - First Grade

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


She had a great day...she likes the teacher and the other children in her class. We took her to class and she kicked us out and was ready to start her day. Even dismissal went really well, I was surprised.

On to Jamaica...still no power where my BIL lives. They are hoping soon. There was a lot of damage in Kingston to roofs, trees and some buildings. Airports were back open today and my SIL leaves Thursday. Her place has power.

Friday, August 17, 2007

OY...been busy today...and a bit worried about Jamaica....

I had a nice birthday did not do much....tomorrow I go shopping for my birthday presents...getting a new laptop and going to decide what Digitial SLR I want. My dad sent a nice check towards the computer....Spider did bring me roses but still has hardly been home.

Had the eye doc this morning and she is still worried about the blood vessels in my eyes. OY! I go back Tuesday for another field of vision test. Then my SIL is back from my other SIL and staying with us till Thursday.

We had Meet the Teacher day at Aviva's school. Mrs. G sounds very nice new to the school but has been teaching first grade for 11 years. And loved the fact there are only 16 children in the class.

After that we went to Target to get the rest of the school supplies and Aviva a clock for her room. She found a Disney Princess Castle one that shines stars on the of course she had to have it.

We came home rested for a while and then off to dinner. We went to a place called Pei Wei Diner owned by PF Chang...very good.

This evening my SIL has been calling many people in Jamaica because of Hurricane Dean to see if they can help lock down her home and where my BIL lives. They are saying it could be a CAT 4 or 5 hurricane over Jamaica. So we are a bit worried. I just hope everyone in Jamaica is safe and do not be foolish..which is known to happen. She hates the fact she cannot help out.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

TODAY is my....

39th birthday and I feel everyone of those years. It has been a tough year health wise but made it through. I still have the miserable back pain but trying to survive. I am thankful for family and friends for helping my cope through the very difficult times.

Just a bit sad because I so wish Spider was romantic (can someone call him and tell him what to do). He is working a double shift again and so will not be here. I am a bit sad...I want him home to celebrate my day. He does not understand how doing so much overtime is affecting his family. MEN.

Well, I will celebrate with Aviva...she wants to go to Applebee's so we shall see.


Finally...Miss Aviva is sound asleep for the third night in a row in her room. I told her she needs to sleep in her bed as she is going into first grade and she is a big girl.

She knows not to come to me till it is light out and it worked. This morning she even waited till I woke up and it was almost 9 am. She has a TV in her room and it helps. So I do not mind.

I am happy to have my bed back and she is where she needs to be!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Autism---an article worth reading...

An interesting article on Autism from my hometown paper Newsday on Long Island.

Read it here

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Where's Molly?

Are you asking who Molly is? I did as well when the story was previewed on CNN a few minutes ago. What a story. It is about a man who when he was 5 his family placed his 2 year old sister born with mental retardation with the state. 50 years ago that was what was customary, very sad but true. Finally after his parents passed away he went to look for Molly. And was lucky enough to find her in a group home, being well taken care of. He now has legal guardianship of Molly and they were able to pass a law in Oregon called Molly's Law.

You need to check out the story on CNN

I AM DONE........................

sorry to shout, but just spent almost 8 hours over the past 2 days working on a take home final for my class.

My head hurts from thinking and researching so much.

It was 6 questions to answer, but in each question there was anywhere from 3 to 5 separate questions that needed to be answered. In APA format and needed to cite at least 2 sources per question.

Now I have a week off till my next class and can concentrate on getting Aviva ready for first grade. We are going to Target tomorrow to get some new clothes, school bag and lunch box and school supplies. Thankfully she does not need as of now. We will find out more on Friday when we meet the teacher.

I just feel so relieved to be finished. Worked hard this past week.

Grains of Gratitude to return next week.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

What a DIFFERENCE a day makes....

Aviva was much better today because she had daddy's attention. He works so much she misses him and he does not realize when he is home he needs to give her the time.

They went to see Underdog and they liked it. Spider said it was funny and Aviva asked him a million questions during the movie about everything but the movie.

So while they were gone I got most of my paper done. The quiet was delightful. I did more work through the evening and I am about 98% finished with my paper. I have one more to finish and some questions to answer. But will finish those tomorrow. Friday night or Saturday morning will get my take home exam and have to complete it by Sunday evening.

Guess who is working all weekend?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


it is very hard to be a mother, cook, student, play date and get a paper done....especially when Spider is working all the time...meaning lots of OT.

Today was very paper on Computer-Based Instruction is due Friday and needed to get most of it done today.

Well, it was just Aviva and I here...did our errands in the morning. I said to Aviva if I get you McDonald's will you let mommy do her paper...of course she is not silly and said YES MOMMY!!! Not sure if I should have believed her.

So we get home within 30 minutes...I hear I am bored, play with me, read with anything with me. I reminded her what she promised she basically forgot about it.

It was hard to get work done..,.,I have 3 pages of it done but still have the hardest part to do and Spider was not sure if he is doing OT tomorrow. I said I really need your help and she misses you.

Hoping that worked for him to come home and sleep and then take Aviva out. I just need a few hours of not being interrupted.

Does anyone want a cute kid to play with for a few hours!!!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Well, I went and did it again.....

are you asking what that can be....well booked another trip to DISNEY.....yup I must think I am crazy but we love it.

This trip is for Aviva's 7th birthday and grandpa is going to come with us this time. We will be going Jan 2nd the birthday till the 5th.

We are staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge...we will have dinner with Pooh and friends and lunch with the Little Einsteins. And thinking of doing a day at Sea World...we have never been.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Our SUMMER 2007 trip to DISNEY

Hope you enjoy the show, it is long but let me know what you think. Fantasmic the show at MGM is great, what great effects!

Sunday, August 05, 2007


What a week it has been....I have been planning this Disney trip since September and hard to believe it is over already....113 days till the next trip!

*What a week we had sharing Disney with Auntie Marie. We stayed at a great location---Disney Boardwalk Villas. We loved being able to take the boat to Epcot and MGM. And loved the Boardwalk at night. The hotel was very pretty and all the CMs (cast members) were really nice and helpful. I loved being able to take Marie on some scary rides and listen how she talked about them when we were done. Pictures soon to be posted.

*I rented a scooter (ECV) for the 3 days at the park and made a world of difference for me. I never would have been able to walk the parks with out it. Walking in MGM to rent the ECV the first day was hard enough, could not imagine going through the whole park with out it.

*We were able to meet up with 2 of my friends, Debby and her family on Sunday...we had dinner with them and they are so nice and have such a cute son. On Monday, my friend Shelley came to the hotel with her 2 girls and we spent the day in the pool and the girls just loved the waterslide. They must have done it 30 times and there alot of stairs to climb going up. I am so glad she was able to come.

*I am so glad that we had such good meals and even embarassed Marie a few times when I told the restaurants we were celebrating Marie's birthday. We had our best meal at Whispering Canyon Cafe at Wilderness Lodge. It was lots of fun...if you go make sure you ask for ketchup!

*Hard to believe in 2 weeks I will have a first grader....

Thanks Chirstine and Brady's Bunch for giving me a way to share my week.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

WE are back from DISNEY.......

and made it through with my back...thanks to renting a scooter for 3 days in the parks. Made it much better for me.

The hotel we stayed at Boardwalk Villas is so nice and we loved that we can take the boat to MGM and Epcot. We had a great room right of the lobby. The pool is great and Aviva loved the water slide, she must have gone up and down it 30 or so times in 3 hours! We loved walking on the boardwalk at night and watching the street performers.

Finally saw Fantasmic at MGM and it was great. Got video to upload and plenty of pictures.

The weather was not as hot as it could have been, that could be because it was not so sunny and rained all day Thursday when we were at Magic Kingdom. It rained Tuesday and Wednesday but not all day like Thursday.

We had a great meal at WCC (Whispering Canyon Cafe). We had a great server and Aviva loved to scream Ketchup and boy was she loud.

Thought the Laughing Floor at MK was funny. We did the green side (tame) of Mission Space for the first time. Took my SIL on Tower of Terror and she said that is a ride she will only ever do once in her life. Aviva went on Thunder Mountain for a first time and she wanted to do it again!

It was a great trip even with my herniated discs in my back. My SIL went for her first time and loved it...she just could not believe how big Disney is and how clean it was and how nice all the CMs were.

Now we just have to wait for our next trip at the Beach Club Villas with Spider this time!