Sunday, August 12, 2007

Where's Molly?

Are you asking who Molly is? I did as well when the story was previewed on CNN a few minutes ago. What a story. It is about a man who when he was 5 his family placed his 2 year old sister born with mental retardation with the state. 50 years ago that was what was customary, very sad but true. Finally after his parents passed away he went to look for Molly. And was lucky enough to find her in a group home, being well taken care of. He now has legal guardianship of Molly and they were able to pass a law in Oregon called Molly's Law.

You need to check out the story on CNN


Shannon said...

So sad to think about that little boy wondering where his sister he loved was at for so long. Recently, I heard of a family that gave away their baby w/ T21 after about 6 months, and the toddler child used to tell his sitter that he was afraid that if he got sick his mommy and daddy will make him go away! It's terrible. So, glad he finally was reunited with her.

Michelle said...

I saw that last week and it is a sad story, but with a happy ending since he found her. I just think of all the other families separated like that.

Oh, I gave you an award :)