Thursday, August 09, 2007

What a DIFFERENCE a day makes....

Aviva was much better today because she had daddy's attention. He works so much she misses him and he does not realize when he is home he needs to give her the time.

They went to see Underdog and they liked it. Spider said it was funny and Aviva asked him a million questions during the movie about everything but the movie.

So while they were gone I got most of my paper done. The quiet was delightful. I did more work through the evening and I am about 98% finished with my paper. I have one more to finish and some questions to answer. But will finish those tomorrow. Friday night or Saturday morning will get my take home exam and have to complete it by Sunday evening.

Guess who is working all weekend?

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Michelle said...

so glad to hear you had time to get your paper done! sorry Spider is now working all weekend though!