Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Aviva was honored today.....

during morning TV announcements along with 2 other girls from her class as well as the other grades for being the top point achievers in Accelerated Reader for the third quarter. They all were announced and got a certificate and some other coupons for free things in the community like free miniature golf and free meals. We are very proud of her.

Aviva with the assistant principal.....
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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I TRULY love Spider....

I was not feeling well all day yesterday....won't go into detail....would be TMI....All day was rough for me.

Finally at 2 am this morning Spider was there to help me through....he must truly love me for what he did. Afterwards, was feeling better but could not sleep with his snoring....but dealt with it after what he did for me.

Feeling a bit better but not 100%...

But down 46 lbs very happy about that.

Monday, April 21, 2008


what is that you ask?

That is 40 1/2 lbs. That is how much I lost as of this morning.

Pretty COOL, eh?

I am so happy and feel so good. Got a ton more energy as well!

PRAY for EMMA....

Emma was adopted along with Micah by a wonderful family from Florida. She spent 5 years in an orphange in the Ukraine. She is a miracle who is beating the odds. You see she was born with a severe heart defect and the doctors are not sure they will be able to fix Emma's heart.

So PLEASE keep this precious girl in your thoughts and prayers and that the doctors find a way to fix her heart and give her the healthy life she so deserves.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just wanted to wish....

those who celebrate a very Happy Pesach (Passover)!

If you would like more information on Passover click here.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Earn a free book this summer.....

For kids in grades 1-6, if they read 8 books and keep a log they will get a free book.

Check it out at Barnes and Noble.

We definitely will be doing this during the summer.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Aviva is being HONORED........

She is one of the top 3 students in all of first grade (about 200 or so kids) for Accelerated Reader for the third marking period...she has read so many books I lost count..

On April 30th she will be honored during the morning announcements..and I am invited to be there. They do the morning announcements like a TV is live on TV in each classroom.

And she got her report card....she did excellent...just about all one's (meaning mastered the skill)...I am very proud of her.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I feel so GOOD.........

wondering why....just finished playing an an hour and a half of tennis with Spider and Aviva.

And not tired at all...what a good work out. Aviva was to cute...mommy you are running you must be all better...look how fast you are going. Then she goes...mommy and your boobs are not even moving to love her.

I could never have done this 4 short weeks I think I am taking up tennis.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

How we spent our WEEKEND.....

We went to Relay for Life Friday night and today Aviva was able to go to the beach with grandma and grandpa.

Relay for Life is an event that is overnight and raises money and awareness for cancer. Spider, Aviva and I all walked around the track a few times. It was an inspirational event.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A few BRAGS to share......

First off a brag about Aviva....she is one of the top 25 students out of over 200 first graders in the accelerated reader program. She is going to be able to meet an author and get a autographed book that he wrote. I am so proud of her. She must have read at least 75 books or more and taken the AR tests.

Then in Math Superstars (a math program that they do involves about 12 to 15 math problems they have to do or solve). Some are hard and takes time to figure them out. Well she came in second place in her class. She will be honored at a lunch with the principal.

Then on to me today....went to my doctor for the first time since surgery. He was very happy with me. I reduced my insulin (Lantus) from 20 units to 17 units. And best of all I am off my blood pressure medicine. My BP today was 120/80 and he is happy with that. Since he knows I am losing weight and exercising now.

I DID IT.......................

I know this may not sound much to some but I did my first workout video of Walk Away the Pounds this was a mile wal with weights...but I did it. And I am proud of myself for doing the whole thing. 3 weeks ago I never could have done it...I was in so much pain with my back and now there is none.

Today I was also at Aviva's school and walked and walked and felt great. Then went to the grocery store and shopped. I am just so happy.

Thanks for letting me share.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

To the PERSON who left the anonyomous comment....

Maybe you should leave your name. A parent has no right to emotional abuse a child. Call them names and treat them the way I was treated. NO WAY would I ever do that to my child. I will always love my child with all her faults, issues and problems.

No matter what, a parent is suppose to give conditional love and that was not given. I do not care what the child does or looks is not conditional from a parent to a child.

Yes there are 2 sides to every story but as a child the parent is the adult and should know better.

And if you do not like my BLOG stay off and be grown up enough to leave your name. Until you walked in my shoes then you have no right to make a judgement. Stay connected what a joke...

Monday, April 07, 2008

GUESS where we went today?

We had a great afternoon and evening. We went to the beach with my dad and Marilyn. Aviva had a blast. Then back to there hotel and Aviva and my dad swam. We hung and went to dinner.

Best of all I walked to the beach and back and ABSOLUTELY no pain in my BACK...what a great feeling.


SO I hear you have been reading my blog...WHY I ask? You do not care about me or my family.

You never did.

You were always mean and self-centered. You only gave conditional love...what kind of parent does that?

You could not deal with anybody or anything unless it made you look good....How very sad. I bet you are still like that.

It is sad how you alienated all your children and how you treated them.

I wonder how Bruce can deal with that...maybe because he is so passive...who knows....but I totally do not understand it.

I have a good life, a loving husband and an amazing matter what you believe. And thankfully my child does not know you or what kind of miserable person you were and probably still are.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

THANKS to my friend ANNA.....

we are going to DISNEY WORLD in June from the 24th to the 27th. She booked a 2 bedroom at Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa....I am so excited. Aviva is even more she will have someone her age to go on the rides with.

We are going to the Supercalifragilistic Breakfast with all the kids. Then Anna and I are going to dinner at Spoodles which is on the Boardwalk. So we can have a nice evening without kids.

We are going to do EPCOT one day. The other days we will do Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Aviva and I have never been so we cannot wait.

Thank you so much was so nice of you to include us.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

FIRST post-op visit to the surgeon....

was excited to go to see how well I am doing...I am down about 30 lbs and really feel good.

And very happy to say the least.BEST OF back does not hurt when I walk. I actually walked through Publix twice without using a scooter like before. I actually chased Aviva up the stairs yesterday and she was like Mommy you are running....made me feel good. It feels good not to be in pain...I was in pain from Feb. 2007 till March 2008.

I am now down to ONLY 20 units of Lantus, my insulin. I have been on insulin since 1999. And I am off Metformin.

Everything is healing well...he took the bandages of the drain sites and the last incision site. He rather them be uncovered.

On Thursday I start the vitamin regimen and soft/pureed foods. I already went shopping for the items I need. I stocked up on refried beans, ricotta cheese, turkey (can have that) and cheese. I also have fat free yogurt that I can doctor up. Need some more ideas. I do not eat tuna or canned chicken.