Tuesday, April 01, 2008

FIRST post-op visit to the surgeon....

was excited to go to see how well I am doing...I am down about 30 lbs and really feel good.

And very happy to say the least.BEST OF ALL...my back does not hurt when I walk. I actually walked through Publix twice without using a scooter like before. I actually chased Aviva up the stairs yesterday and she was like Mommy you are running....made me feel good. It feels good not to be in pain...I was in pain from Feb. 2007 till March 2008.

I am now down to ONLY 20 units of Lantus, my insulin. I have been on insulin since 1999. And I am off Metformin.

Everything is healing well...he took the bandages of the drain sites and the last incision site. He rather them be uncovered.

On Thursday I start the vitamin regimen and soft/pureed foods. I already went shopping for the items I need. I stocked up on refried beans, ricotta cheese, turkey (can have that) and cheese. I also have fat free yogurt that I can doctor up. Need some more ideas. I do not eat tuna or canned chicken.


Michelle said...

I'm so happy for you! Especially for not feeling any of that back pain you've had for a year!

The spring break pics below are great - looks like it was a fun time!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I am so glad your back is already better. You have passed me in the weight loss already!

Christina said...

You are doing so great! 30lbs what a huge loss!!!!! how man sticks of butter is that?! LOL I love when you said that to me!