Monday, April 07, 2008


SO I hear you have been reading my blog...WHY I ask? You do not care about me or my family.

You never did.

You were always mean and self-centered. You only gave conditional love...what kind of parent does that?

You could not deal with anybody or anything unless it made you look good....How very sad. I bet you are still like that.

It is sad how you alienated all your children and how you treated them.

I wonder how Bruce can deal with that...maybe because he is so passive...who knows....but I totally do not understand it.

I have a good life, a loving husband and an amazing matter what you believe. And thankfully my child does not know you or what kind of miserable person you were and probably still are.


Anonymous said...


I'm so sorry Dori....


Anonymous said...

The shame in all of this is that she does not know or appreciate the person you are. I love you, and despite the example you grew up with, you have become a warm person, dedicated and loyal friend, loving and doting mom, and a caring, compassionate human being. You should be proud that you were able to overcome the obstacles before you and have become the kind of grown up we should all strive to be.

Bec said...

Dori, I'm sorry! I think I would feel rather violated if I learned my estranged parent (my father) was reading my blog. I suppose it probably indicates that she cares on some level, which might be nice to know, but how stressful.

Dori's mom, apparently your daughter learned how not to parent from your example, as she is a wonderful person and fabulous mom. How you could let a child become estranged is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

How terrible to write such mean things about someone you have not spoken to in years. Maybe there are reasons for things that you do not know about. Ever story has two sides and what you did is jsut plain cruel. Nothing in life is one sided. Everyone plays a part and needs to take responsibilty for there own actions. Maybe you need to look in the mirror and see your part in all this.

As a mother you should know that no matter what, you never stop loving your child. Maybe reading this ridicoulous blog of yours made her feel more connected to you. Maybe you should see the positive in it and the negative. GROW UP!

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Maybe you should leave your name. A parent has no right to emotional abuse a child. Call them names and treat them the way I was treated. NO WAY would I ever do that to my child.

No matter what a parent is suppose to give conditional love and that was not given. I do not care what the child does or looks is not conditional from a parent to a child.

And if you do not like my BLOG stay off and be grown up enough to leave your name. But we all know who you are. And if you want to stay connect why not contact your child instead of being a miserable human being.

M~O said...

Dori, sorry that your Mom feels it necessary to "peer" into your life uninvited. Such is the downfall of the blogsphere :( !! So -- was the "anonymous" comment left by her? If not, that was rather cruel of that person! Just hold tight to the fact that YOU are an AWESOME parent!

Anonymous said...

To Dori's anonymous reader...

I apologize in advance to Dori if I step on toes in responding to this, but it just irks me.

How dare you tell Dori she has to grow up. How dare you tell Dori that a mother never stops loving her child. Dori will never stop loving Dori, a birth right not afforded Dori by her own mother. It was Dori's mother who did and said things that were cruel - things that your mother should NEVER say to you. A mother is supposed to love you no matter what happens in your life, and you should know that no matter what, you can rely on your mother to stand beside you through life. Dori's mother made the choice NOT to do that.

It speaks volumes that Dori's mother would need to read a blog to feel connected to her daughter. Dori's mother made a decision to be intolerant of Dori and her choices in life, and since the decision was to cut Dori out of her life by her words and actions, she has no right to want to feel connected.

Dori has a wonderful husband, a beautiful child, and, like most of us, ups and downs in life. But she has surrounded herself with a loving family and dedicated friends to help her through the down times. How wonderful it would have been if her mother had made herself available to do that instead.