Monday, December 31, 2007


WOW hard to believe that 2007 is over...but I can say I am happy to see it go.

It has been a tough year for me health wise. I have been in pain since February, hoping in 2008 the pain finally goes away....we will then party.

My father passed out and came close to losing his ability to walk but thankfully he is fine and back to new.

I cannot believe how far Aviva has come in such a short year..going from Kindergarten to First grade...reading at a mid third grade level. WOW and she was a preemie imagine that.

She is happy and can you believe almost 7.

Spider worked as hard as usual but got a better security job...doing federal security...and does overtime so he can provide for his family and thensome.

He is my rock...he loves me for me and so not judgemental. He helps me take care the house because he knows how much pain I have been in.

He is a great father...tries his best to spend as much time as he can with Aviva..they play soccer and go bike riding.

I am looking forward to 2008...I know this will be my year...I am hoping to start my journey to a new me.


Saturday, December 29, 2007

JUST had to share...

I love to create designs with is so easy. I made one for Hanuakah and I guess the staff liked it because check this out....Celebrating Hanukah.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A BIT depressed...

My life has not been easy the past few months...tired of putting up a happy front. I just am not happy. These past few days I have been miserable.

My back hurts and I have been in pain since February (almost a year).

Tired of getting stares when I use a scooter at Target, Walmart or Publix.

I am tired of not being able to lose weight...and cannot exercise due to my back.

I feel miserable that I cannot be an active mom with Aviva....I want to run and be able to chase her.

But hoping things change as of the new year...we are starting new insurance (Beech Street) which is a much better plan then we have now.

Meds are cheaper.

Doctor visits are cheaper.

BEST of all the gastric bypass surgery (RNY) is covered. I know not everyone agrees with the procedure...but I see this as a tool that I NEED to HELP me lose weight.

I have been researching this procedure for a long time. I have found some great support groups with tons of information. I know the risks involved but willing to take the risks. You hear about the risks more then all the success stories.

Truly unless you have a weight issue you will not understand what it is like.

I have found a surgeon...the nurse coordinator is checking out my benefits and hoping to start with a consult in January...the sooner the better.

I am hoping for smooth sailing.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


I truly cannot believe this year is just about over...what a year it has been. I am happy to say it is over...was not a great one for me.

*Aviva had a great week...what a thoughtful, kind, considerate and special daugther I have...I am very lucky. What a big help she has been. This week has not been good for me with my back and Aviva is always right there for me. For that I got her a surprise...she started playing with Lincoln I ordered and even bigger set for her and it came Friday (they told me not till after Dec 26th.). She loves it.

*The party in Aviva's classroom turned out really nice...some of the kids were to cute..saying it was the best day ever. And we surprised Mrs. G with a gift basket and gift card. She certainly deserves has been a great year in first grade so far.

*Looking forward to the New Year and new insurance...there are things covered that were not with the insurance through Spider's work,..and looking forward to a new me in the upcoming year.

*I am thankful to my friends who are always there to listen...things have been difficult for me this week and love knowing I have someone to talk to.

*We are lucky to live here in South Florida because we are still in shorts and we spent a few hours at the park with friends today...was almost 80 degrees out and partly cloudy.

Friday, December 21, 2007

AVIVA is just so sweet...

and I must say I am very lucky to have her.

We were leaving school today and on our way to McDonalds (her Friday treat). And we were just talking about how her vacation started and how excited she was because soon grandpa was coming.

Then she goes mommy I know how bad your back hurts...I was like yes it she goes we can stay home today and tomorrow so you can rest your back. I said Aviva that is very nice of you. She then goes I can also massage it for you.

Isn't that just so sweet...I am just proud that I am raising such a sensitive, understanding and caring child.

So tonight as we were watching Duel, she gave me a nice massage.

I am lucky to have her as my daughter.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

GRAINS of GRATITUDE..............

This is the last week of school before Christmas vacation...and Aviva is off for 2 will be a nice break...we can sleep in

*I am thankful for Spider this week...for working so hard and tons of overtime. He really is a great guy. And he has been cleaning the house and doing all the dishes knowing how painful my back has been this week.

*What a great soccer game Aviva had yesterday...I think all the practices and talks the coaches had with her clicked. She played great on defensive...she was not hesitant at all...she ran to the ball and kicked it with power. The coaches were surprised in the difference in her play from the game Tuesday..she ran and ran and then they put her in goalie..I was worried but she had confidence. She played very is my favorite shot from yesterday.

*I lightening the candles. She also has started to learn the prayers in Hebrew. I love listening to her. It was a proud mommy moment.

*Aviva has been such a big help around the house and when we go grocery shopping..she knows where to find things and loves to go get the needed. She loves to help out knowing I cannot do much lately...the pain has been worse this week.

*Starting January 1, 2008 we will have new health insurance and I cannot wait. It has much better coverage then what we have now for doctors, surgery and medicines.

*Aviva has been doing so well with reading lately...and she is enjoying it more...she gets that from me. I love to read and I am glad she does too. She is doing well with accelerated reader tests too. It helps she is very happy in first grade and has a great teacher who motivates Aviva.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

WHAT a GAME Aviva played today...

She played defensive...she ran down all the balls that came her way, got in some great kicks right to her teammates. She was a little spitfire today. She made some great saves. Then they put her in goalie for the last quarter...I was nervous but she did great...made some great blocks. Could not ask for a better day...warm, partly cloudy and 84 degrees.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I know I promised...

I finally posted my trip report in pictures. You can see all 5 days of our wonderful trip. So come check out my trip report. Hope you feel like you are there.

Wait till you see the last day..some great pics of the gorillas and lions.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Thank you SHANNON....

She gave me this award. I am not sure if she realizes how important friends are to me so this is extra special. I believe at times friends are more important then least that is in my case they are there for me more often then family.

Thank you Shannon...I wish you did not live so far from me. HUGS!

Sunday, December 09, 2007


It is hard to believe that in 22 days we start a new year and another new beginning.

*It has been a great week. I am so proud of Aviva...Hanukah started Tuesday night and she loves lighting the candles. She is even learning the prayers that we say in Hebrew. It is just great to watch.

*We also signed up for new insurance that will begin January 1st. I am so looking forward to is much better all around and covers more things and better coverage for medicine too.

*Aviva is doing so much better in soccer. In her game yesterday, she made some great plays playing on defense. She got some good kicks in. They all played great...the other team had 3 girls that were giants compared to ours.

*My friend Jen had her baby, Jake Owen..and I got to visit with them yesterday and hold that beautiful baby boy. He is just to cute and so loved.

*Guess what only 24 more days till Aviva's birthday trip to Disney with Grandpa..but who is counting. She is definitely one lucky girl.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Tonight is the first night of Hanukah...but first we had soccer and Aviva's team won 4-0.

Aviva loves lighting the menorah and spinning the driedal. Tonight she opened gifts from grandpa and grandma.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Just a tease...

Here are a few of my favorite pics from Disney..the first two came out the best....the first one was taken on the safari ride at Animal Kingdom while we were moving. Let me know what you think!

Sunday, December 02, 2007


It is hard to believe it is December already and it is suppose to be 84 degrees here. The year is almost went by very fast.

*We are back from Disney World and we had an awesome time. We barely waited in line...once we waited for 45 minutes because Aviva did not want to get a fastpass for Soarin. The crowds were very light...the weather was warmer then normal. Aviva did Expedition Everst in Animal Kingdom and loved it...we did get out date night at California Grill which was delicious. We had a window table and were able to watch the fireworks over the Castle while we ate...cannot be more romanic then that. Now only 30 days till we go back for Aviva's birthday. And I took over 700 pics..havce to organize them.

*We met friends from my Disney group in Animal Kingdom....Jackie and her family from Canada. They are so sweet...they brought Aviva a gift. We were suppose to meet at 11 am at the Oasis we waited but they never showed...figured something happened. Well after we did some things and Aviva ate lunch we were outside the Safari ride...and some goes to me Are you Dori, I am Peter Jackie's husband. So we did get to meet a few hours later..but how funny was that. So we talked for a while and did the Safari ride together and talked more and then we all left together. I am so glad we got to meet.

*Yesterday Spider and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. Hard to believe it has been 11 years. He worked, that is why we celebrated in Disney.

*Aviva had her first soccer game yesterday...she did pretty well for her first ever game. Her feet were hurting and she wsas hot. It was very cute to watch.