Sunday, December 16, 2007

GRAINS of GRATITUDE..............

This is the last week of school before Christmas vacation...and Aviva is off for 2 will be a nice break...we can sleep in

*I am thankful for Spider this week...for working so hard and tons of overtime. He really is a great guy. And he has been cleaning the house and doing all the dishes knowing how painful my back has been this week.

*What a great soccer game Aviva had yesterday...I think all the practices and talks the coaches had with her clicked. She played great on defensive...she was not hesitant at all...she ran to the ball and kicked it with power. The coaches were surprised in the difference in her play from the game Tuesday..she ran and ran and then they put her in goalie..I was worried but she had confidence. She played very is my favorite shot from yesterday.

*I lightening the candles. She also has started to learn the prayers in Hebrew. I love listening to her. It was a proud mommy moment.

*Aviva has been such a big help around the house and when we go grocery shopping..she knows where to find things and loves to go get the needed. She loves to help out knowing I cannot do much lately...the pain has been worse this week.

*Starting January 1, 2008 we will have new health insurance and I cannot wait. It has much better coverage then what we have now for doctors, surgery and medicines.

*Aviva has been doing so well with reading lately...and she is enjoying it more...she gets that from me. I love to read and I am glad she does too. She is doing well with accelerated reader tests too. It helps she is very happy in first grade and has a great teacher who motivates Aviva.


Michelle said...

that's great that Aviva is learning the prayers in Hebrew! I can just imagine how that makes you feel to hear it. Thank goodness her and Spider are a big help to you when your back is hurting like it has been.

I loved all the soccer photos in the post below! Looks like she is really having fun and you got some awsome shots!

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

That is a great shot of Aviva! Spider sounds like a great guy!

Michelle said...

when you get a chance stop by my blog - I've got some good news for you!