Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ugh POOR Spider...

Spider has his own security company and he does security at our complex. We occasionally have trouble with some kids here and Spider deals with them and they do not like it...he caught two kids jumping off the clubhouse into the pool and they were charged with trespassing.

So this evening he was writing up his report in front of where we live....and out of no where someone (probably these boys that like to give trouble who do not live here) threw 2 stink eggs at his car. Well, let me tell you he was pissed to hell and back.

So he comes up to our place and tells me what happens and to get somethings to clean the car.

So he goes behind the building in the dark to get the water and heard some noises. When he went to get the water he said do not mess with me I have a gun and if I feel threatened I will use it. He is licensed with a g license (gun permit for security) and a concealed weapon permit.

So he is cleaning his now stinky car...and all of a sudden (I was talking to him) 2 police cars pull up and say somebody called and said he brandished a firearm and was waving it around...which was totally not true...never took it out.

He explained to the police that no that is not true. He does security here and was finishing his report when he felt threatened by the egg throwing incident. He explained what he did and he never took out his gun. He was on his way to his next job and he wears a gun for it.

The police never asked for idea and said if any other problems to call them...they did use their search lights to look in the bushes but to late now.

Spider was just pissed because some one called the police on him. I said do not let it bother you...who knows why they did it, maybe they do not like you. I did tell him to add to his report and give it in tomorrow to explain what happened. Better to cover your tush then not have it written.

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Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Scary because you just never know what could've happened. Good thing the police believed him, too.