Friday, January 25, 2008

ALL appointments are now done...

Well...yesterday went very smoothly...the chest x-ray and U/S of the stomach were very easy...finished those pretty fast.

Then came the Upper GI...had a really nice tech work with me...first think I had to do was drink this crystal stuff she mixed with water (I said like a popper----tequila mixed with 7up in a shot glass and slammed and then you drink it)...or think alka seltzer...and what ever you do, no was a bit tough but got through and was able to watch the screen and follow the liquid.

During this time you are standing against the table and the table moves and shakes a bit. Then they make you drink this white stuff not much taste just chalky....not bad like I thought it would be. As you are drinking this you are standing and they are taking more film and pictures.

Here comes the tough you are standing they lower the table to where you are laying flat on your back. She goes now role 3 mix up the stuff.

Then you are laying on your back and she gets shots and in other positions. Then have to drink something else with a hint of a strawberry taste but still chalky for more pics...and finally done.

The rest of the day could not eat much...but drank plenty of water. Glad that was over.

Today went to the Psychologist...had to fill in a bunch of tests before you got there and then one more there. She asked lots of questions and it got a bit emotional..but made it through and she gave me clearance for the surgery...YIPPEE.......

Now on Monday I will call the nurse Karen to tell her all tests and paperwork was submitted to the office and can be submitted to the doctor and insurance. It went pretty fast so hoping the rest goes fast as well...I know people who it has taken a few days to 3 weeks to hear from their insurance. After the approval you get a surgical date!!

I am so looking forward to starting a whole new will be hard work but it is so worth it in my eyes.


Christina said...

Wow...there is NO WAY I could drink that stuff I would get sick! I am very sensitive to taste LOL I am glad it wasn't too bad for you and that you are two steps closer to your surgery. Praying for a speedy aproval and new start to your life! Did you watch the View today? They had two patients of bariatric surgery and two very different outcoes.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

So glad you got that over with. I hope the rest goes as smoothly. Click Here to enter my giveaway! You may recognize something there.

Michelle said...

so glad you got that part over with! Praying you get a surgery date soon!