Sunday, November 18, 2007


It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is this Thursday, this year has flown by. The weather has been gorgeous, we had lots of park time.

*We spent many hours this week at the park with friends. Aviva can finally swing by herself...for so long I was trying to teach her to pump. But some friend Aviva made at the park taught her I guess better then I could.

*Aviva got her report card this week and I am very proud of her. She was at or above grade level in all academic areas...for social skills and study skills all one's the highest you can get.

*Aviva has had a few soccer practices now and she seems to really enjoy...she is a great dribbler..we will miss 2 practices when we are a way and the games start December 1st. Her team's name is the Fire and her shirt is red and black with black shorts and red socks.

*Hard to believe after all the planning our trip to Disney is only 8 days away...feels like we have been counting down for so long. Even better going to get to meet some people from my email groups. Now we just have to pack and do laundry and get through Thanksgiving.

*Thankfully we are all healthy and we will stay that way...nobody can get sick before our vacation.


Maddy said...

Aha so Thanksgiving as Disney. Good for you. I'll keep my fingers crossed that everyone stays in good health.
Best wishes

AZ Chapmen said...

have fun in disney world

Michelle said...

congrats to Aviva for learning how to pump her legs so she can swing herself! That's awsome!

I can't believe your trip is only 8 days away either!

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

I hope you have a great time at Disney.

The little girl probably was able to speak on Aviva's level and that's why she understood better. Plus, she was probably trying harder for a friend than for mommy.

I am Thankful that I got my laptop back TODAY!!!!!!! Whew! Now your page loads so fast! I used to have to wait about 15 seconds for your page to load.