Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I am very PROUD of myself...

I advocated for those who cannot.

I was listening to sports talk radio today, like I usually do when I am in the car. Yup I love sports.

But the host and program director were taking calls from fans. And they used the word retard..and everytime I hear that word it makes me cringe. It is like using a racial slur in my opinion.

I was pissed.

So came home got the number and called the station. I told the person I am very disappointed with the use of the word. So I emailed the host explained why that word is hurtful and should not be used.

Well, since I did not have the radio on, as I was in the house. He apologized on the air and emailed me back. I also emailed the head of the station since I cannot get through to the program director, the number is busy. But will keep trying, because he used the word too.

I feel good that I did this. It is wrong to use the word and if no one speaks up it will be used over and over.


Michelle said...

WTG Dori! You should be proud of yourself for speaking up; and thank you for doing so!

Oh, I read that story you posted below - how awful and tragic and sick. I can't believe adults would do something like that - the mom said they created the fake profile to see what the other girl would say about her daughter or other kids? What!? Is she still in middle school? Unbelievable! And then to have the gall to have them over to their daughter's bday party, and the husbands, and asking them to store the foosball table (I don't blame the parents for destroying it!) how low can you get? I was even more saddened to read at the end that they are divorcing - more tragedy to come out of this.

Maddy said...

Good for you for taking a stand and speaking up.
BEst wishes

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Thanks again for doing this!