Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What a DAY....

Well...let's start with last night Aviva's first soccer practice...She did much better that I expected...she was able to dribble the ball and pass with her partner...she seemed to have fun. They had a little scrimmage and did really well, almost scored a goal.

Ok on to today...I did not sleep well...it has been a few weeks since I had a good night sleep.

I dropped Aviva off at school and off I went to he social security office...lost my card so had to get a new one. So spoke to my friend and then Spider. Was going to make another call...so pick up the phone from the cup holder and it was dripping wet and I said oh sh**!

Yup it went for a swim....I left a cup of soda in there from yesterday and I guess what ever was left leaked and left a small pool in my cup holder. With out knowing, I placed my phone in the cup holder and then realized what stupid thing I did.

So went to Target to get somethings I needed. And the scooter I was using died in the middle of the store.,..thankfully they brought me another one.

Went home did some things and then off to the T-Mobile store for a new phone..got a Motorola W490 a new phone that just came out a month or two ago..I got it in purple. Money that I did not really need to spend, but what could I do.

Then at 8:15 tonight I realized that I TOTALLY forgot I had chat for my class tonight...I am just so pissed with myself. UGH UGH UGH. I really believe chat was Thursday have no clue why.

So that was my day hoping tomorrow goes better.


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

I hope your day is better today! I have one through so many phones myself. Glad Aviva is doing good with the soccer.

Michelle said...

Yikes what a day! sorry you missed chat w/your class. Glad to hear Aviva had a good time at practice though.