Sunday, November 19, 2006

Grains of Gratitude....

Again thanks to Christine..I have a way to be thankful for my week.....

1. I am so thankful that my JEEP was fixed....and who knows why but it is working great and the A/C is so cold. I truly believe that someone was watching out for us.

2. I am thankful to Spider to doing the wood flooring in Aviva's house in his spare time...which is not much. And he finished ours and looks great.

3. I am so happy it is almost time for our family vacation to Disney. And we are meeting up with my friends from the internet. And my good friend's family and ours are going to have dinner together at 1900 Park Faire and Cinderella is suppose to be there.

4. Aviva had a great two days after receiving a yellow crayon on Wednesday...for being a rushing rabbit and not completing her work. But Thurs. and Fri. she did excellent work.

5. And it is great that we got to spend 3 hours at the park yesterday with Aviva and her friends. Aviva had a blast and I had a nice time with my friends. The weather was perfect yesterday!

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