Friday, November 17, 2006

You will NOT BELIEVE this.....

Yesterday we decided that the mechanic can not figure out the problem (he tried everything he knew) so we will have to take my Jeep to the dealer. SO we finally found one that explained everything to Spider and told him to come first thing this morning and he would look at it.

So that meant we would have to drive to get the Jeep so Spider can take it in the morning. So we went in the evening yesterday. First we had to deal with Aviva crying she is starving to death. And cannot wait to eat. We explained once we drop daddy off I will get her Mcdonalds. So we did that and I now had a very happy girl who was eating away.

I am pulling in and I get this phone call from Spider....who I might say sounded a little excited and crazy. So I told him to calm down and tell me what is going on. Well, it seems he said the A/C was blowing cold, the temerature was showing the right temp. and the WINDOWS worked....we were both so happy. I truly believe someone was watching out for us, they knew it would be expensive to fix. And it still works. I guess when Spider's friend looked at it and he put it back together he tightened or did something to fix it.

I am just HAPPY and hope it stays working. We leave in 9 days!!

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Het said...

YEAH!!!!!!!! I'm so glad it's working! I know you didn't need that extra stress!