Sunday, September 23, 2007


Another week has gone by and we are all doing well.

*I have to brag about Aviva. She is doing terrific in school. I got her accelerated reader scores and she is doing perfect. She read 4 books with an average 2 nd grade 1st month level and has 20/20 for a perfect score and has earned 2 points. And got anothe perfect score on her spelling test. I am just thrilled in how well she is doing in school.

*We took Spider out to dinner to Smokey Bones for dinner last night. And we had a nice is always nice to go out and not have to cook. And then today Spider's friend came by with 2 huge fish that he gave to Spider to have and to cook so he was happy.

*We are counting down to our Disney trip is 9 weeks from tomorrow and we cannot wait. The Disney Crocs I ordered for Aviva and I came in this week. But put them away till we go. Also, ordered matching t-shirts for the 3 of us..should be fun :)!

*I ordered gift cards from mypoints and the first one came in 3 days. The second one I ordered is for California Pizza least we then have a reason to go out for dinner. And I still have 4400 points to use.

*And I am thinking about going to Jamaica..I have a plane ticket that I need to use before Feb. 6, 2008 so may go visit my SIL. And not sure I will take Aviva...would go from a Fri to a Mon. Aviva has no school. But would love to go and if Spider pays for Aviva's ticket off we go. Keep your fingers crossed that it all works out.

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Michelle said...

You should be so proud of Aviva! How awsome she is doing in school!

Cool about the gift cards from mypoints! I have that too and actually have a bunch of points right now, I just don't know what I want to get! LOL Too many choices :)

Hope the trip to Jamaica works out, I'm sure it would be nice to get away by yourself for a long weekend too!