Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It AMAZES me...

how uptight some people are....I guess I should explain.

I belong to a few yahoo groups and sent an email regarding something sort of politicial link about learning what candidates share your views but nothing to be controversial about...actually here is the link...take the quiz yourself and see who shares your views.

So this one person gets herself all uppity about the post...saying I am trying to start something controversial and this and that. Meanwhile, I shared it because I thought it would be informative.

Many people share different views then mine, which is perfectly fine, I was not saying vote for this one or that one just sharing what they stood for....I did get many thanks.

But this one person emailed me off the list and cc'd to the owner of the list....come on USE your D**N delete button if you do not want to read it. But to be so freaking petty..,GIVE ME A BREAK.


Michelle said...

wow that does sound pretty petty of that person! the link seems pretty informative and it's not like you were asking people to share their political views right there on the thread, just for their own personal information they could do that quiz. sorry you had to enounter that.

Overwhelmed! said...

Umm, her response does sound a bit over the top. I wouldn't have taken offense to such a link.

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Anonymous said...

that does sounds petty!
but i took it and it said the samething.