Sunday, September 30, 2007


Another week has gone by in our was a quiet week for us...

*Aviva was happy this week, because finally daddy was home to come pick her up at school dismissal...she loves when he is able to come. Which is not very often.

*Finally met with Aviva's teacher and the other room mom. It is going to be a good year...the teacher is very easy going and is leaving details up to us and will help us out any way we need it. Makes it easy for us too then.

*Aviva had another great week at school...13/13 on her spelling test and read two more books for accelerated reader. She loves to we are going to read a Nate the Great book.

*Aviva and daddy went bike riding yesterday and they went pretty for Aviva and she had a blast. She saw some friends so she was able to stop and play for a bit....she came home happy and all sweaty!!

*It has been very quiet here....which is a good thing..that means we are all healthy and things are going well. Hoping for another quiet week...I have huge project I will be working on for class this week, Aviva is in school and Spider will be working.


Anonymous said...
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Michelle said...

sorry if you get this twice, I don't think it saved the first time! You can just delete if you get a double :)

That's great Aviva was able to spend some extra time w/Spider this week!

I like nice, quiet weeks too! :)

Anonymous said...

im glad you had a great week