Sunday, May 06, 2007


1. I am thankful to finally get answers for my back is unbearable lately. I just want to walk with out pain....hoping Friday's injections will do the trick.

2. Last night my neighbor's took Aviva at 4 pm so Spider and I can have an evening alone. We watched the Kentucky Derby. And then we went out for Japanese food to a place called Kamado's. It was very good. Spider lived in Japan for 6 months and just love sushi.

3. I am very proud of Aviva for doing so well on her Accelerated Reader program. She earned the 24 points it takes to spell out JUNGLE and now will get to have a party with the other students in the school. Each book was .5 points, and she read over 25 books.

4. Spider was home this weekend and cleaned the house since the bending and moving hurts to much. He does a much better job then I do anyway. And much faster then me too.

5. I am grateful to my friends who have helped me with Aviva this week, by bringing her home from school when I could not. And to mygood friend who is attending seminar with me on Tuesday.

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Michelle said...

glad to hear you have answers for your back pain too! How nice that you and Spider were able to have an evening out together!