Sunday, May 27, 2007


Well it hs been an a pretty good week in our houehold. So here is a look back at what I am grateful for. Thanks Christine.

Well, I actually got an evening out for dinner at Macaroni Grill courtesy of Aviva's teacher. Some of the kindergarten teachers took their room moms out for dinner to thank them for a wonderful year. When I believe we should be thanking Aviva's teacher for a terrific year Aviva had. What a change in Aviva from August till now. She has done amazingly well this year.

Yesterday according to Aviva we had mommy-daughter time. We went to the park and stayed till after 7 pm. She had a picnic with her favorite McDonald's and we brought her bike. She rode and played and played and rode. He definitely wore herself out. It was a beautiful evening too!

Today after daddy wakes up (he did the overnight) it will be daddy-daughter time. I believe they are going to an arcade (like Kaooms or Chuck E Cheese). They wll give me a few hours alone which is always nice. And they love those games and the noise much more then me.

Hard to beleve the last day of school is Thursday....this year went by so fast. I will have a first grader it is so hard to believe. She started life at 3 lbs and look at her now! She improved 100% in her handwriting, reading at a 2nd grade level and is doing addition and subtraction in math. Forget she is writing simple essays too!! Who wuld have thought they do all that in kindergarten!

I am still here with constant back pain so will be calling again the pain clinic. I had nerve testing on my hands done Thursday (need legs too but insurance won't pay for both at the same time). Let me tell you not pleasant at all. But something has to be done.,...cannot go on another week or more like this. Spider has been, cleaning and just taking care of everything I used to do. Oh nd working lots of overtime!! I truly love him for all he has done. Tuesday have another endoscopy and he will take me again on very little sleep!! What a lucky girl I am to have him!!

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