Sunday, May 20, 2007


What a week it has been in our household...Thank you Christine......

1. What a great time the 3 of us had at Family Fun Day at Aviva's school. She was so happy that we both were able to attend. She served us breakfast. We watched a great DVD of pictures from throughout the year. We all had tears in our eyes. Our children have come so far this year. It truly helps that we had an amazing teacher.

2. I am thankful for Spider for taking over many of the house the cooking and cleaning. And he has done it with out complaining. So yesterday I sent him grocery shopping with a blank check...mind you when I shop I spend $70 a week well he spent...are you siting down? $156 for the three of us. Frm now if he shops he gets cash and cannot go over that amount!! But do appreciate him doing the shopping.

3. I am so happy that I got my paper done on Somebody Else's Kids. You have to read this book if you have not. It is the year in he life of a special educaion teacher with 4 totally different students.

4. I am very thankful that Aviva has been so good to me and helpful all at the same time. I am in such agony with my back and she is so understanding. She will help around the house and rubs my back to make me feel better.

5. And happy to say we are going to see Shrek the 3rd today as a family. We are all looking forward to some good laughs!!!


Michelle said...

Hope you were able to enjoy the movie and not in too much pain with your back!

Joe will do the same thing if I send him shopping - buy all the things we don't need LOL It's nice that he's able to take care of you though and that Aviva is so understanding of what's going on too.

mum2brady said...

Wonderful list Dori!!! Thanks for joining in each week - I love to read your list!

Hee hee on the overspending for groceries - my hubby would do that too!

And WTG Aviva with school - her serving you breakfast sounds wonderful!

Yay that your paper is done, I will have to check out that book, it sounds like a good one.

I am sooo sorry that your back is still giving you so much pain. You are in my prayers!