Sunday, May 13, 2007


Happy Mother's Day!!!! I hope all the mom's had a special day with their familis.

I am so thankful for my small family. They made my day very special. From the lovely cards they gave me and Aviva writing (all by herself) such beautiful messages. Aviva read each one to me. And then they gave me a power vacuum for the car (I believe this was more for Spider then me), She also made some awesome things at school for me. I love the handmade items so much. She was so proud of what she did.

We actaully spent the whole weekend together. Which meant alot to me. It is always nice to have us home together and having a nice time. And best of all, they made me breakfast today.

Spider let me rest and cleaned the whole house!! He also did laundry and folded the clothes. I am still in a lot of pain with my back. And Spider took good care of me. While he took care of the house and helped with Aviva.

It is hard to believe the school year is almost over...only 12 1/2 more days....and my baby will soon be a first is very hard to believe. What a year it has been,

Thank you agan Christine for the Grains of Gratitude.


Michelle said...

sounds like you had a great mother's day!

I know what you mean about school being almost over - Kayla's last day is the 22nd, which really only equals to 6 more days left LOL

mum2brady said...

Dori - sounds like a wonderful weekend! Yayyyyy for Spider helping out - I know what a huge difference it makes for me when my hubby helps, so I can imagine how great it is for you, especially since you are still in pain.

Whoo hooo that school is almost over - I personally cannot wait!!!!