Thursday, March 06, 2008

Interesting doctor visit...

I get to the hematologist and basically sit and wait....finally called in and they prick my finger for the usual CBC.

Then they put me in a room and sit and wait again....and wait and wait some more....the doctor was at the hospital...they told me while I was waiting in the room.

Finally the doctor comes in and reads the chart...some results are in but not the biopsy part...the other tests he ordered came back normal. So he said...he does not believe it is cancer...which kind of surprised me because he never mentioned cancer before. The biopsy takes a little longer. But the WBC went down to 13.8 so it is on the way down.

I was just worried that this would interfere with my surgery. But he said is would not and wrote a note for me to give to the primary doc (who I am seeing today too) saying that. Another relief for me. So go back to him in 3 weeks to get biopsy results.

I started the 2 week liquid far so good..well barely been home which makes it easier.


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Yum... liquids!! That about killed me having to do it for just one day!

Hope it easier for you!

Thank God for the good news so far! Hoping the rest of the results are just as good. So what then, if everything is negative?

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad to hear that it wasn't cancer.

big hugs