Saturday, March 08, 2008

Oy, the liquid diet.....

had a headache all day...I gave up diet coke...cannot have it anymore. But stuck to it and I am down 4 lbs so very happy.

Yesterday had 1 protein shake (35 g of protein) 1 Carnation Instant Breakfast no sugar added (14 g with milk) and 1 low carb slimfast (20 g). I also had 2 jell-os (sugar free) and 2 sugar free popsicles. Think I may buy some broth for something warm...I have tea going to make some of that too.

Even better so far, my blood sugars are normal. And I have cut back on my insulin.

Only 12 more days...that is what keeps me going. I will do this.

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Christina said...

I am praying that the next days fly by...That is WONDERFUL news about needing less insulin! Even though you probably hate pictures you should really take a before and after that we can see when you hit your goal! That would be SOOOO neat!