Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pre-Op NEWS....the time is creeping by....

I had my final meeting with the surgeon today....I still cannot believe this is real. This is something that will change my life....I want to be happy and feel good and this is going to give me that.

First spoke with the nurse (who is so nice), and she went over everything I need to do for the 2 weeks before surgery and what to do post-op, I start the 2 week liquid diet on Thursday. Hoping the 2 weeks go by very fast.

Then met with one of the surgeons...he went thoroughly and I mean very THOROUGHLY over everything from the bloodwork to my medical history. The only thing with my bloodwork that he mentioned of some concern,...was my Vitamin D level was low. So have to add extra Vit. D.

He asked lots of questions...and was really nice about everything. He examined my stomach and said the c-section scar looks very nice (that is over 7 years old) but healed very nicely. He also felt around my stomach and feels I may have a hernia...if so they will repair it.

So signed the consent for surgery (with pride) for the gastric bypass, liver biopsy (they do that now, and my primary wanted it done...so he will be happy) and the hernia.

Then it was off to meet with anesthesia. The doctor was very nice...asked more questions...went over what he will be doing and that was that.

So now it is just waiting. Which we all know is the hardest thing to do...

One other thing that is hard is having no family here. I want my dad to come down...but do not think that will happen...not sure why he will not come...but may email him and see if he will change his mind.


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you, and so glad this is moving ahead without any obstacles to climb over! Wish I could be there for you :-(

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Hey Dori!

I am glad things are going along well. I have been praying about this for you. Glad they seem to be very thorough. I ran across a blog today of a lady near me who had a duodenal switch last year. Go check her out: http://changeisgood2.blogspot.com/

kristi said...

Best wishes for you on this day!!