Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A very SCARY night for me.....

Last night was going well...gave my shot of insulin (Lantus--this insulin is given once a day and does not peak). I gave Novolog (fast reacting one) before my last shake in the evening..10 ish.

Spider came home and he was on the computer and I was in bed...and all of a sudden had this feeling nothing bad but just needed something. So he got me a fudgsicle..and ate that. Started to get that feeling (not sure if you ever had a low blood sugar). But felt that coming on...started to sweat, getting a headache and my heart was starting to beat faster. It came on out of nowhere and was not expecting it...was a bit scary. So got my monitor and tested my sugar as I am sweating more.

So I pricked my finger and my blood sugar was 32...I could not believe it..did not think it was that bad. Took some glucose tablets and Spider is looking at me asking should we go to the hospital. I said no need something to drink. He got me a big glass of milk and took another glucose tablet. Still felt really crappy. Heart was racing and was sweating bad. My sugar went up to 39 and was laying down on Spider. He was so worried. About 20 minutes or so later sugar was 56. So took one more glucose tablet and fell asleep on Spider.

Actually slept through the night even with his snoring. Woke up with a whopper of a headache. But sugar was 133.

So will cut my evening dose of Novolog again.

I am just so happy Spider was home..I was really scared.


Christina said...

wow...that is really scary! Why do you do your lantus at night? I was just curious. I always did Kallies in the morning before she went to the pump. I hope your headache goes away.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Most people do take their Lantus at night. Gosh that was scary. 34? You could have very well fallen into a diabetic coma. Whew! So glad you are okay. Maybe your doctor needs a call to adjust it.