Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Parent-Teacher Conferences.......

First off, Aviva has a terrific teacher. She is new to the school but not to first grade. Aviva is lucky because there are only 16 students including her in the class.

Found out Aviva is really doing well in reading. On the DRA they need to be between 8-10 to move to second grade. Aviva is at a 20 (she was at a 10 at the end of kindergarten). She loves to read and it shows. Ms. G said she does not have the expression but understands and comprehends everything she is reading, so not worried about that. When we read a book we do not read with expression.

She does very well in spelling and language arts...that could be why she does so well in reading.

Her handwriting is a work in progress. When she takes her time it is neat but normally she does not. But it is getting much better then the beginning of the school year..

In math she is where she should be but not as strong as reading. I do not think she likes it much so that can be why she makes some silly mistakes. She sometimes gets distracted, but when you sit with her she has does not have a problem doing the problems. She gets them with ease. We just have to work on that at home. I have some fun math games so will be bringing those out of the closet.

She is a happy, social child in class and very friendly with her seatmates.

I always like the good news. I just think back to 7 years ago, she just came home as a preemie...and look where she is now. WOW is all I can say.


Christina said...

Sounds like she is doing wonderful. My Brittany doesn't use expression, by that you mean pausing and the exclamation points and stuff right?, but she totally gets what she is reading. WTG Aviva!

Michelle said...

sounds like it was a great P/T conf and that she is doing so well in school!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Sounds like she is doing a great job. I wouldn't sweat the handwriting. As long as you can read it, I wouldn't worry about it. There are many people with high paying jobs out there that can't write well. WTG Aviva! Great job!