Friday, February 22, 2008

UPDATE on my biopsy consult...

I saw the PA then the doctor...he went over the procedure...he said it is not as painful as you think. They first will take some pictures using a CT scan of my back (you lay flat on your stomach). The do this so they can see where the bone is they want and know where they want to be. They go through the back (forgot the name of the bone) because where they go through is the least sensitive. I can have some sedation (bring it on) and then they give lidicane to the area on the back.

So does not sound so bad...the worst part will be having Spider take the day off (will loss pay..oh well). His type of job no work no pay...he will deal with it.

So hoping they can schedule ASAP (I told them). Can be done at one of three hospitals...I said get me in where it is soonest.

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Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Oh man! I hope it all goes smoothly. And wow Aviva's hair in that post below, Yikes! I feel for you having to brush all that hair! Gabi's is bad enough, and hers is not curly.