Sunday, February 04, 2007


I am thankful to finally hear back from the teacher I will be observing and I can start my 20 hour field experience tomorrow.

I am thankful to how much fun Aviva is having riding her bike and how well she is doing. Yesterday she went bike riding with daddy for a long time. And came home very happy.

I am thankful that my professor gave me an extension on my paper due by this evening but will not need it after all. I was able to write up (well really type up) 7 pages yesterday and just have to put on the finishing touches today.

I am thankful that this past week Aviva and I got to go to the park a few times and even had a playdate with a friend from her class. The weather has been nice and not cold at all so we got to enjoy ourselves.

I am thankful to how hard Spider works...always trying to get overtime. And for him being such a good daddy. Last night he spent the evening watching Tarzan with Aviva for the millionth time. And he was rewarded with Coldstone Ice Cream for doing it!

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Michelle said...

Glad to hear you finally will be able to get these 20 hrs you need! Hope that all goes well!

Sounds like Aviva is really plugging along there on her bike - how fun that her and daddy get to go out bike riding together!