Wednesday, February 21, 2007

UPDATE on my DAD......he came through with....

flying colors, the doctor said it went better then expected. He was very happy. It took my dad 45 minutes to come out from anesthesia (just like Aviva). They even told Marilyn maybe can go home tomorrow but she is not sure of that.

Thank you all so much for the prayers, it is a relief to know he will be fine and may not even need rehab or PT.

Marilyn called again they are keeping him in recovery overnight due to his low heartrate. So hoping to talk to him tomorrow, so maybe will be home in a few days.

Thanks for all the prayers.


Michelle said...

Just logging on to let you know I was praying for your dad (and you too!) when I saw this great update! Glad to hear he did so well with the surgery! Will continue to keep him in my prayers as he recovers.

jennifer said...

Congratulations, what good news. I love good news! Thanks for sharing it.