Sunday, February 25, 2007


Well, it has been a tough week in many ways...good and bad. SO it has been tough to do my list today.
1. I am so thankful that my dad made it through surgery and the surgeon was so happy how it went. That my dad went home Friday and is trying to relax and get some sleep.

2. I am thankful to the friends I have, for being there this week. It truly has been a very stressful week and they were there to listen to me vent and cry.

3. I am very thankful Spider's friend is gone as it caused a lot of friction in our relationship. This week things hit rock bottom and I am praying it can get better. A week is a long time for some one to be here especially when we do not have house. I am hoping this week will be better and Spider can finally understand how I was feeling.

4. I am happy to say I found a summer camp for Aviva...yes thinking about it already. It is at the JCC (Jewish Community Center). It is everyday 9a to 4p. Many of her friends are going too. They do swimming, field trips, and it includes lunch and snack.

5. I am thankful we are all healthy and no sickness this week.


Wilma said...

I'm glad the "houseguest" has gone. I'm with Ben Franklin on that--"Fish and houseguests begin to smell after three days." (or something close to that anyway *grin*) I checked out the JCC link. That camp looks great. She'll be in Chaverim since she's going into first grade next year, right?

Michelle said...

Is he gone? I'm confused. In this post you said he is gone, but in the newer post you talk about your frustration that he is still here - did he end up coming back?

That is great you found a summer camp though!

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...


He is sort of gone...he slept in Spider's car last night cause not one friend came to help him. I told pider he was gonethis past Saturday because it was not a good situation. Spider does not realize how his ations hurt his family.