Sunday, February 25, 2007

I do not know what to do....

I am so angry, hurt and feel really like my husband has put his friend in front of his family.

This man has stayed with us for a week (he is gone, left Saturday). Did nothing but eat, watch TV, sit on my couch and sleep. I am totally sorry for his predicament but it is not my fault. I am sorry he is not legal here but again then if cannot work go back to Jamaica. I did not bring him here or even ask him to come.

But he is upsetting my life, my marriage and my child. And my supposive husband does not see it. That just hurts me. Where are all his friends? How come not one friend has stepped up to the plate to help him out.

If I try to discuss this Spider basically says what a bitch I am and he should be staying a few more days. Well, when I have to leave my house because I am uncomfortable....that will not happen. We had a deal and he stayed 3 more days. So

Does not matter what I say anymore....when we try to talk it seems he is just angry. But he is going to have to deal with me, because I have been sick to my stomach and not sleeping for the past week.

I will always help someone out but they also have to help themselves. I am will always help and I am very compassionate.

I hope Spider can see the light. And that is family needs to be first.


Wilma said...

I'm sorry to hear this, Dori. I hope things straighten themselves out soon. If he can't see what a wonderful family he has then he is blind. :(

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry to hear this is causing you such strife in your marriage. You are right of course that family should come first. I'm sorry this whole situation has gotten out of control and left you feeling so uncomfortable. I hope it resolves soon!

jennifer said...

It's very hard for me to have other people in our house...everything gets disrupted, the kids' lives, mine. I unerstand how you feel and I'd feel the same.