Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Houseguests...The GOOD, BAD and UGLY....

You know it is always nice when someone comes to visit you and especially if you invite that person. I love for my friends and family to come...makes me happy and Aviva loves the extra attention.

Well, Spider invited his friend to come and he told him he could stay here for a few days. Well the guy came a week and a half early. Spider and his friends were working on a place for him to stay. By the way still no where. But again not my problem now.

He has been here since Friday night and I have had enough of it already. He is sleeping on our couch in the Living Room...it is an inconvenience as well as uncomfortable for me. Spider is doing double shifts so not here. SO really no effect on him.

I am pissed now he is here till the weekend when I was told he would be gone by Wednesday the latest. I want my house back to normal.

This guy has no work or transportation and basically no money. But again not my problem is it.

Where are all the friends to get this guy out during the day at least or in the evening. UGH!

The Spider has the nerve to tell me I am not being a good host....them are fighting words...Remember I did not invite him so I am not playing host.


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Michelle said...

how frustrating! I would be uncomfortable too if Joe was working nights and this wasn't my friend. You feel like you have to keep him entertained when you just want to do your own thing!