Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Cardio's office just called and said the echocardiogram was normal. But still wants me to go for the test on April 10th, the stress test with the dye and no treadmill.

Took blood pressure at Target today not sure how accurate the machine is but was 141 over 71 so lower there then it has been. Not sure how accurate the machine was. Still retaining water but not as bad.

Had the Liver U/S this morning went fine. Not sure results yet.

Went to the orthopedist today for my back and now he wants an MRI to see what is going on in there. The past 3 mornings waking up in pain. And changed the pain meds from Vicodin to Darvacet.

Finally got the results of my certification exam...which I knew I did not do well on. Well, you needed 200 to pass and I got a 197...UGH so very close. Will take it again in July when offered.


jennifer said...

Mixed news, to be sure...I'll take the good, and keep my fingers crossed for the rest!

Michelle said...

Good news about your echo! Still praying for the results for the rest of the tests.

Big hugs to you on your certification exam! How frustrating to be only three points away from the score you needed! I'm sure you can get that 200 in July!