Sunday, April 29, 2007


This week needed to be looked back at it has been a tough week for me....Thanks Christine....

1. I am so happy in how well Aviva is doing in school. She is at the top of her class for reading and scored the highest on the preemie has come a long way, hasn't she! She is also the assistant for the accelerated reader program. According to her teacher...she sets up the computer for the other students..finds there name, the book they are reading and starts them.

2. Aviva is doing amazing with riding a 2-wheeler, even has the bumps and scrapes to show for it. And she has become a fish in the water. She loves the water.

3. Finally I go tomorrow for my MRI results and truly hope it is something because why would I have this pain.

4. Aviva decided she wanted her birthday at Disney and she wanted Grandpa to she typed an email to him herself (well, some guidance with a little spelling), and invited him to come with us in January and he said yes!!

5. I am very thankful to SPIDER...for being here and helping and cleaning the house. He has been the most understanding!


mum2brady said...

Dori - thanks for joining in - what a wonderful list!!!

I LOVE how well Miss Aviva is doing - it's WONDERFUL!!!! Our old school did the AR program, and we loved it! My kids that participated in it are MUCH better readers than my kiddos that have gone to school in this district where they don't have it. I wish we had it at home :)

WTG Aviva!

How fun to have your b-day at Disneyworld :) My Little K wants to have hers at Disneyland one of these years, and I think for her 10th we will have annual passes again, so we will go then - it will be sooo fun!!!

I hope you get good results tomorrow and some answers! You are in my prayers!

Thanks for offering your help on Brady's testing and for your words of support - I sooo appreciate it! I may be emailing you :)


Michelle said...

It's wonderful that you were able to still do a gratitude post after the week you've had!

amy said...

What a beautiful post!