Saturday, April 14, 2007


Thanks to Christine, I can look back at my week:

1. I am happy to say another successful visit with my SIL Marie. She got all her shopping done....and let me tell you she can shop. Spent almost 7 hours at the mall Thursday. And then more shopping Fri and Sat. Now hopping she will come back in July so we can take her on our trip to Disney.

2. I am so happy to say my liver tests were just about normal as well as the U/S.

3. I am very happy that I have a very understanding professor who gave me a week extension on my paper. She is really great.

4. Aviva had a great week....she did really well in school this week. Earned two awards for her work. And a free meal at Roadhouse Grill. We all went for dinner Friday night.

5. I am just happy that I have such a great husband and daughter. They are always there for me and what more can I ask for.

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Michelle said...

So glad you had a great visit with your SIL!