Monday, April 30, 2007

FINALLY some answers....

I went to get the results from my MRI. I was hoping it would show something because I was in such pain walking and standing. I knew it had to be something.

When he Doctor walked in I said please tell me that something is wrong. And he laughed and said yes they found something. Glad it was not all in my head.

He showed us the MRI..and explained to Aviva what she was looking at and she thought it was pretty cool.

Then he explained tome what was going on. I have at the L4-5 a left-sided foraminal disc herniation whih moderately encroaches upon the left neural foramen or basically a herniated disc. And at the L3-4 there is an anteriordisc herniaton, but no posterior disc herniation. And there is a loss of normal lordotic curvature and this may reflect strain. Not sure abot the other stuff.

So the doctor wants to send me for Intervention Pain Management Evaluation to see what they can do for the pain...maybe an epidural or something like that.

So that is it for now! Glad to have some results!


Michelle said...

glad to hear they did find something and can now get to fixing you!

Het said...

All I could understand was "they found something" blah blah lots of big words. ;)

I'm so glad they found something if thats something to be happy about - which it is because a diagnosis didn't make it hurt - it was already hurting and so now a diagnosis will help with treatment.


HUgs. I hope this is the beginning of the end of all this pain and illness.

jennifergg said...

I'm so happy you have some answers, and I hope you'll be able to enjoy your vacation!