Wednesday, July 18, 2007

BACK from the Neurosurgeon and MISERABLE...

not at the fault of the doctor. He took his time looking at the MRI films and reports I brought in. And then examined me by doing different tests.

Then he discussed what we can do. He believes that surgery is not in the picture because he does not believe there is a high enough percentage it would work and does not want to take the chance. He believes it will take 6 months to a year to go away. I just about broke out in tears. My friend and the doc said look it has been almost 6 months already.

Some things I can do is swim since it takes all the weight off my back and lose weight which we are doing now. But does not guarantee the pain will go away.

I am so sad right now because it is so hard to function. I feel bad for Aviva because I cannot do much. I am trying to stay positive and deal with it but let me tell you it is not easy.

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AZ Chapmen said...

get well soon hugs if you have time come visit me