Sunday, July 22, 2007


WOW another week of summer has come and gone...hard to believe I will have a first grader in 29 days.

*I am so happy that my MRI and blood test results came out fine and not showing anything. I have a slightly elevated white blood count. But that is normal I guess for me, since it seems to always be that way. That was a big relief.

*Found out that surgery will not work for me and my back, so trying to stay strong and work through my pain, which is not easy. I really wish there was something that would make me feek calling a chiropractor tomorrow.

*Another week of camp is done and Aviva keeps swimming like a fish. She loves to go everyday and have fun with her friends, especially this young man Ryan (who i5) and a C.I.T. She blushes when you talk about him.

*I am happy to say school is going well and have a great professor; who I will have in the fall too and she already sent me the syllabus for the class.

*Spider is allowing me to work so he can clean and declutter....which he enjoys doing. His sister is coming from Jamaica on Friday and then we are off to Disney for 6 days bext Sunday!

Thank you Christine.


Michelle said...

I was so happy to hear your MRI and blood tests came back ok too! I'm sorry to hear about the no surgery though; how frustrating that must be. I hope the chiropractor can help you out w/the pain.

So lucky to be going to Disney again!

AZ Chapmen said...

I am so happy that A is having a fun time at camp. come vist