Thursday, July 12, 2007

Finally some GOOD doctor news....

This week had appointments with the endocrinologist and cardiologist.

Tuesday was the endo. I must say it is nice to hear you are doing well. He liked how much better my blood sugars were and we talked about my back pain and therefore cannot exercise yet (helps the blood sugars). But he was happy and do not have to go back for 6 weeks.

Then yesterday my eye doctor called in the evening...a surprise. She wanted to see how my visit to the retina specialist went Friday. Told her I had an eye scan and then an angiogram type test for the eyes. And explained he saw that the optic nerve was enlarged and there was a problem with the blood vessels and blood in the eye. And he is sending me for an MRI for the brain and orbits with and without contrast. So she was happy to hear that and will see her Tuesday. What a nice surprise that she called.

Then today off to the cardiologist....He is really nice and funny too. My blood pressure was good 120/78...normally a little lower but I have been in a lot more pain this week with my back so that can be it. He was happy with everything so we chatted a bit and then said see you in 6 months.

Always nice to hear the good news after the past few weeks. Done with doctors till next week.
July 16-MRI

July 17-Eye Doctor

July 18 Neurosurgeon

July 20-Retina Specialist.

Have to reschedule neurologist same time as eye doctor.

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Michelle said...

thank God for some good news from your dr visits this time! Wow you're going to be busy with all the different appts next week!